17 Heartbreaking Scenes In Encanto That Sob Your Heart Out

Encanto is regarded as the best Disney animated film since Frozen. This movie marks the 60th Disney film and has captivated audiences of all ages. It centers around Mirabel Madrigal – the only member of the Madrigal family who doesn’t possess magical power. Yet she figures out that having a gift does not dilute her specialties.
Although "Encanto" begins with vibrant colors and animations, like any other Disney musical, many people found the film's themes of family and intergenerational trauma really struck a chord in the weeks since its Disney+ release. In particular, the movie boasts of many impactful scenes that actually pull at our heartstrings.
To highlight the impact of this Disney 2021 hot movie, we’ve curated 17 heartbreaking scenes from Encanto that make fans cry out their tears. We also highlighted the most impressive comments about these scenes. In the end, you can feel how much the movie forced audiences to shed tears.

#1 I Am Not Fine With Isabela's Face While Singing!

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#2Darn you Disney!

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#3 It's Heartbreaking Quite A Bit

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#4 Casita Belonged to the Madrigal Family.

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#5 That Must Have Been Really Awkward

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#6 Abuela’s Face Drops When Mirabel Takes Antonio’s Hand

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#7 Bruno Can Hear Everyone Through The Walls

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#8 People Are Completely Missing The Point Of ‘Encanto’

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#9 One Of "Encanto's" Most Heartbreaking Lines

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#10 The Constant Pressure to Fulfill Your Family’s Standards

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#11 Beautiful Concept Art

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#12 Older Sibling Issues

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#13 Generational Trauma is The Real Villain To These Movies

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#14 Only Disney Can Do That

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#15 A Strong Short Film

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#16 Abuela Near The End Is Straight Up Tearful

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#17 That Is Heartbreaking!

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