9 Best Love Peaky Blinders Quotes

Looking for love Peaky Blinders quotes? It’s no secret that Peaky Blinders’ characters are known for talking tough and walking the walk. Nonetheless, there is also a romantic side to them. Tommy Shelby and his gang of outlaws face difficult daily challenges, so the stakes are constantly high on Peaky Blinders. Thankfully, comedy can be used to defuse the situation on occasion. Like a romantic gesture, it’s always appreciated. Cupid has struck more than once at every major character, with results ranging from sweet to terrible.

Usually, the strong guys talk gruffly, but when they fall in love, they say sweet things. While not all relationships continue, the best words are often spoken during the few periods when passions are high, and fumbling is permitted.

#1. Quotes About Love Peaky Blinders, Top 9 Love Peaky Blinders Quotes

1. “It Was You Who Stopped My Heart From Breaking.”

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Tommy surprises everyone by giving Lizzie cash when he tells them they all have arrest warrants. He compliments her attention with loving words. Tommy and Lizzie’s marriage is strained because he can’t get over Grace. Because she was an escort, he didn’t respect her. Lizzie keeps trying to make things work, but Tommy appreciates her less and less.

2. “You Want To Impress Me?”

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Grace is astonished when Tommy wants tea instead of liquor. Gangsters like him usually prefer liquor to basic liquids. Tommy admittedly wants to impress her. Tommy quickly finds that Grace is special. Therefore he softens around her. He’s careful not to appear irresponsible to her. She’s impressed by his effort. His affection causes her to quit her covert work and join him.

3. “I Don’t See The Same Thing In You That I See In Tommy’s Eyes.”

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Tommy uses Lizzie to lure Field Marshal Henry Russel because he’s lusty. Russell attacks Lizzie. Lizzie neither admits nor denies that a client abused her. Instead, she loves John more. When John learns that Lizzie slept with Tommy as an escort, his love for her evaporates. Devastated, she must continue doing favors for Tommy to make a living. Her heart is with John, whom she reassures despite knowing they may never be together.

4. “You Are A Strong, Handsome Man.”

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Tommy recruits brutal Romany Gypsy hitman Aberama Gold to kill Italian mobster Luca Changretta. Polly is wary of him because of his reputation, but she falls for him. Things escalate swiftly when the two are alone in the woods. Polly and Aberama are both widows, so they have plenty in common. He’s tougher than most men she’s met, and she’s met hundreds of gangsters. Since they never fight, they enjoy one of the Peaky Blinders’ best relationships.

5. “In The Words Of My Sinful Catholic Mother…”

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Linda makes Arthur miss the family vote on Luca Changretta’s fate. She seduces him before saying it’s her mother’s responsibility to pleasure him sexually. This moment reminds Arthur and Linda why they’re perfect for each other. They’re insane, yet they get along great. Their wacky events don’t save their marriage.

6. “It’s All Going To Change, Esme.” Best Peaky Blinders Quotes Love

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Esme, one of the Peaky Blinders’ toughest ladies, marries John. They fall in love quickly, but Esme resents the life Tommy has forced them to live. John and Esme move to the country for two reasons. First, he realizes he can’t follow his brother’s intentions. Second, he loves Esme more than anybody else. He’ll do whatever she asks.

7. “Already Broken.” Is One Of The Most Iconic Peaky Blinders Quotes

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Grace realizes Tommy likes her while singing “Black Velvet Band” at the Garrison Pub. He responds to her threat to break his heart. Tommy vows to be with Grace no matter what. He’ll do everything for her. When she claims she’ll shatter his heart, she’s not joking. First, she tells Campbell where the weapons are, then he contacts her in London, and another man answers. They survive both crises.

8. “The Truth? You’re Unlike Any Man I’ve Ever Met.”

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May Carleton informs Birmingham of his new horse’s name, “Dangerous,” after a 19th-century Epson Darby winner. Tommy asks why she arrived. May can’t forgive Tommy for choosing Grace. She uses Grace’s death to renew their love. Fans understand her revelation because there aren’t many males like Tommy. Confident and friendly, he attracts women.

9. “I’m With You Because You Are The Only Man Around Here Not Afraid Of Them.”

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The Shelby brothers don’t want Ada to date a Communist. Freddie recognizes Ada’s dangers but keeps seeing her. Freddie risks everything for Ada, winning her heart. Ada, one of the Peaky Blinders’ boldest characters, loves her lover’s attempts. And not only the Blinders. Even though it’s dangerous, he visits Ada after she gives birth, leading to his incarceration.


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