Dad Doubts His Parenthood As Kid Wants To Sell Dog And Uses Money To Purchase Video Games

Some people will struggle with parenthood more than others. Due to this, we cannot determine if the person in a recent Reddit story is an excellent parent or a terrible one. You'll quickly understand what we mean in the below story posted by a Reddit user who goes by the name u/Necessary_Concept_27.
The Reddit user and his wife bought their son a husky for his 14th birthday because he adored the great outdoors and said he wanted an outdoorsy dog. His son gave the dog the name Zeus. However, he has never taken Zeus on a walk, petted him, or shown him any emotion or attention in the two years they've owned him. He doesn't treat him like a dog but like a random piece of furniture in the house. 

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Meanwhile, over these two years, Zeus has become close with him, his wife, and his other two children. They treat the dog like a family member and give him excellent attention. They also cover all his expenses out of our pockets, including his food and medical care.
On the other hand, the son has recently lost interest in the outdoors and is now more concerned with fancy shoes and computer games. When the son approached him and his wife, they declined to buy him any pricey gaming equipment because they couldn't currently afford it.

Source: u/Necessary_Concept_27

The father saw his son posted a Craigslist advertisement last month to sell Zeus to purchase gaming equipment. After that, they got into a severe argument. One day, his kid volunteered to take Zeus for a walk a week ago, raising the man's worry. He decided to follow his son from a distance, and after an hour of walking, he ultimately came across him trying to sell Zeus in a parking lot and luckily managed to stop that terrific action.
When they returned home, he removed all of his son's equipment to prevent him from placing any more ads. Zeus is technically his dog, so the son told him he was selfish and that he could treat "it" any way he pleased. The man hasn't really spoken to his son since he's still upset over how much Zeus means to him. He came to the AITA for advice since certain family members believed he was overreacting.

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Most comments express agreement and understanding with the anger and response of the OP as the son's action is too heartless. Others even worry about his emotional development and if he could treat his family members well.
This might be a sad story to tell. What do you think about this situation, and what would you do if you were in the man's case?
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