23 Astonishing Moments That Show How Great Disney Employees Really Are

Working at Disneyland and Disneyworld is like a dream job for any Mickey Mouse fan, and believe us, Disney employees are some of the coolest people you'll ever meet.
Because of their wonderful humility, the actors and actresses make that place even more special. They have to be committed to their roles and take their Disney personas seriously. None of them will ever break their appearance even for a moment. They want these moments to be impressive so that every child who visits the magical land can fully enjoy them.
Scroll down to see these wonderful 23 moments that show how lovely Disney employees actually are. Make sure to watch it all the way through. We are sure you will enjoy it.

#1 The girl ran to the rabbit so fast and the tiger just...

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#2 Captain America at Disneyland signing with a deaf guest.


#3 This prince, was just dripping with self-confidence.

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#4 Disneyland cast member painted Stitch on the street using a mop and a water bucket.

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#5 Kids can take on the Dark Side.

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#6 They are great at telling stories.

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#7 A guide dog meeting Pluto at Disneyland.

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#8 Donald Duck found his family!

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#9 Anna spotted a fan.

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#10 The Disneyland tweet reunited a fan with her favorite character.

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#11 This worker made an A+ compliment.

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#12 Don’t wear a Deadmau5 shirt to Disneyland!

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#13 Blacking out at Disney World!

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#14 Mini Mouse cheating with Goofy!

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#15 The moment Minnie betrayed the girlfriend.

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#16 Disneyland's Peter Pan.

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#17 Do you think Ariel will sign the rack?

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#18 They really go the extra mile.

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#19 Mickey and Minnie used sign language with a deaf child.

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#20 Bert and Mary met their doppelgangers at Disneyland.

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#21 No one's sneakily a feminist like Gaston.

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#22 A service dog in training for autism visits Disneyland.

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#23 Darth Vader has a balloon!

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