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  1. #1. Who Are Batman's Biggest Enemies? The 8 Greatest Batman Villains Of All Time

8 Greatest Batman Villains Of All Time, Ranked

DC's supervillains don't get much better than Batman villains gallery. These Batman villains are the epitome of all that is dark, dirty, and unsettling about Batman's playground in Gotham City. In contrast, Superman's universe is the epitome of everything bright and heroic.
The villains who lurk in the Batman universe's darkest corners characterize the character. What sets them apart is how close in tone they are to the Dark Knight. It's that, and they like to dance with the devil while the moon is still low.

#1. Who Are Batman's Biggest Enemies? The 8 Greatest Batman Villains Of All Time

8. Talia al Ghul

 Batman Villains, Talia al GhulSource: DC

Talia al Ghul has done more to intellectually and emotionally damage Batman than virtually anyone. She stole Bruce Wayne's heart besides Catwoman. She gave birth to Damien Wayne, Batman's son. Talia continued to harass Batman, and he realized his kid was raised by Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins. As he got home, Talia murdered Batman's son, making her one of his most loathed foes.

7. Bane

 Batman Villains, BaneSource: DC

He's Batman's physical and mental enemy. Growing up in a corrupt prison, he kills people with a knife in a teddy bear. After nearly dying from an experimental super-soldier program, Bane sets his eyes on Gotham. Bane is a strategically and tactically brilliant metahuman titan. So he defeated Batman and broke his back. Bane's relentlessness has made him one of the deadliest Batman villains in recent years.

6. The Riddler

batman villains, The RiddlerSource: DC

Riddler is a unique villain. He's neither terrifying nor harsh but fun addition to Batman's grim world. This intriguing villain is a riddling lunatic hellbent on challenging the world's greatest investigator. His intelligence and infatuation with Batman allow him to outrun the Gotham Guardian. The Riddler's tactics in Batman: Hush and Batman: Zero Year prove he's dangerous.

5. Harley Quinn And Joker Are Two Best Batman Villains

 Batman Villains, Harley Quinn And Joker Are Two Best Batman VillainsSource: DC

Harley Quinn completes the Gotham Sirens. A sidekick from a children's cartoon has become one of Batman's most popular allies. Originally intended as a one-off for Joker's Favor. The overnight hit was brought back multiple times. She rapidly became a best-seller in comics. Solo series and Sirens spin-off followed. Margot Robbie's role in the DCEU has made her a Hollywood star.

4. Two-Face Is One Of The Greatest Batman Villains

 Batman Villains, Two-FaceSource: DC

Two-Face is Batman's most tragic foe. He was formerly the city's virtuous District Attorney; a mob boss disfigures him with acid. His dual personality transforms him into Two-Face, an obsessive gambler. Fans and Batman can't foresee the Batman villain's actions due to his unpredictable coin. He's also one of Bruce Wayne's few pals and confidants, personalizing their interactions. Few have epitomized virtue and evil like Harvey Dent, save the Knight of Vengeance. Two-Face and Batman represent Gotham's best and worst.

3. The Court of Owls

batman villains, The Court of OwlsSource: DC

The Court of Owls is the newest, most powerful Batman foe. This organization has ruled Gotham for over 100 years. Scott Synder invented them as the ultimate villains for DC New 52. These millionaires and billionaires founded an underground club that corrupted Gotham City. They're dangerous and manipulative, using Talons assassins. Batman's greatest adversary is an unstoppable gang.

2. Ra's Al Ghul

batman villains, Ra's Al GhulSource: DC

Ra's Al Ghul operates globally, unlike most Batman villains. Super-intelligent, magical assassin Demon's Head adds gravitas to the rogue gallery. Ra's, sick of humanity's worst atrocities, wants to restart the planet through extermination. He respects Batman so much that he tries to convince him to command the League of Assassins and marry his daughter, Talia Al Ghul. Ra's Al Ghul became a stereotypical puppet master after Batman Begins.

1. Who Is The Baddest Villain In Batman? Answer: Joker

batman villains, JokerSource: DC

Batman has the Joker, whereas Sherlock Holmes has Moriarty. Joker is Batman's opposite. Both have had hard lives and perceive Gotham as shattered. Joker sees it as a humorous joke that justifies his mayhem and destruction. No villain tops Batman's list. Since the 1940s, Joker, and Batman have been competitors. He's had several origin stories and been portrayed as a mystery figure. Their battles range from cute and colorful to dark and disturbing. The Joker always gives Batman a hard time in comics, Movies, and video games.
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