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  1. #1. The 7 Best Reality Dating Shows On Netflix - Best Dating Show 2022

7 Best Reality Dating Shows So Far, Ranked

Some may consider matchmaker, The Dating Game, and Blind Date from the '80s to be part of the reality dating shows genre. This idea has been twisted in countless ways, from Love Is Blind, in which participants meet without seeing each other, to the soon-to-be-released Amazon Prime Video series The One That Got Away, in which singles are reunited with a former flame who may or may not be "the one."
But which of the reality dating series is the most popular with viewers? Fans have chosen their favorites, and while some of the top picks are predictable, others on the list may come as a surprise.

#1. The 7 Best Reality Dating Shows On Netflix - Best Dating Show 2022

7. Temptation Island (2001-2003, 2019-Present)

dating showsSource: Temptation Island

After a 16-year break, Temptation Island returned with original host Mark L. Walberg. Four couples at a crossroads opt to stay on separate islands. The boys travel to an island with a group of unmarried ladies who share their interests and vice versa. Men and women meet with Walberg at bonfires to see out-of-context recordings of their lover. To test couples' willpower. It helps people discover a part of themselves to decide whether to stay together, leave alone, or leave with someone else.

6. Ex On The Beach (2018-Present) Stands 6th One Top Best Dating Shows 2022

dating showsSource: Ex On The Beach

Ex on the Beach involves reality stars from various series living with their exes while the inevitable drama is taped. Fans would love to see other reality relationship exes on Ex on the Beach. The next season will include civilian couples instead of reality show stars. Ex on the Beach, hosted by Romeo Miller, is a lesser-known dating show yet popular on Ranker.

5. Too Hot To Handle (2020-Present) Is One Of New Dating Shows

Source: Too Hot To Handle

The American-British dating show includes ten singles each season who can't commit. They enjoy pointless flings. Too Hot to Handle puts them in residence for a month, where they attend classes and must avoid kissing, sexual contact, and self-gratification. Can they? According to Reddit, too Hot to Handle ranks among the finest reality dating series. Too Hot to Handle is getting a fourth season.

4. Bachelor In Paradise (2014-Present)

Source: Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise unites former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants and puts them on a private resort in Mexico. This involves conflict, dating, love triangles, hookups, drinking, and partying. Bachelor in Paradise has great couples. Fans love living vicariously through the players and watching old favorites return to the screen (or continue their villainy).

3. Love Island US (2019-Present)

dating showsSource: Love Island US

Love Island US's fourth season has migrated to the Peacock streaming service and promised to be "steamier." Based on the British original, the show follows singles in a Hawaii villa who must marry up to stay in the game. It might be romantic, platonic, or strategic. They're safe as a pair. Some couples stick together, while others trade partners or are forced to re-couple. Fans enjoy that they can vote on Love Island via the app.

2. Love Island UK (2015-Present)

dating showsSource: Love Island UK

Fans like the original UK Love Island. It's the same as the U.S. version, except in a Mallorca villa. Love Island UK continues despite the controversy, inspiring other shows. Season 8 debuted in June 2022 and lasted all summer, with two more seasons scheduled for 2023.

1. Are You The One? (2014-Present)

Source: Are You The One?

Are You The One is Ranker's top-rated reality dating show. Follows young individuals looking for love. Men and women are discreetly paired using a matchmaking algorithm, but as they live together, they must figure out who was chosen. If all the potential soulmates find each other, the group shares $1 million. Are You The One? has produced some fantastic marriages. Fans appreciate watching participants interact with a "fate button," "truth booth," and "matching ceremony"
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