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  1. #1. Star-Nosed Mole
  2. #2. Aye-aye
  3. #3. Pink Fairy Armadillo
  4. #4. Tufted deer
  5. #5.Naked Mole Rat
  6. #6. The Gerenuk

9 Animals Pictures Below Will Tell You How Weird This World Could Be

This world is so big. Behind the familiar images of domestic or wildlife animals, we often see are many strange-looking animals pictures that may surprise you at first looking. 
Here are 7 weirdest animal pictures that can be a real eye-opener.

#1. Star-Nosed Mole

animals picturesSource: National Geographic

A star-nosed mole is unquestionably one of the strangest-looking animals on the planet. If you came face to face with one, you'd think its head was replaced by a tiny octopus. And for a nearly blind animal, the American species is astonishingly fast: the world's fastest eater, it can find and devour an insect or worm in a quarter of a second.

#2. Aye-aye

Source: Reddit

Aye-age has a face of possum, tooth of mouse, ear of bat. It looks like an unholy combination of other animals, with its white-tipped fur, slender fingers, prominent yellowish eyes, and bushy tail. A full-grown aye-aye is usually about three feet long, with a tail as long as its body. The aye-aye's tail has the longest hairs of any prosimian.

#3. Pink Fairy Armadillo

animals picturesSource: Snopes

The pink fairy armadillo is the smallest armadillo species known. It can be found in central Argentina's sandy plains and dry grasslands, as well as other parts of South America. This creature's unique adaptations, such as an aerodynamic body shape, smooth dorsal shell, and sharp claws, allow it to completely bury itself in sand in a matter of seconds and then navigate underground with ease. The pink fairy armadillo, like a mole, will spend the vast majority of its life underground. It is also nocturnal, only emerging at night to hunt for food.

#4. Tufted deer

animals picturesSource: CGTN

The tufted deer is similar to a muntjac in appearance, but the longer necks and legs give it a slightly leaner appearance. The coat is coarse with short and stiff hairs, being almost black in the winter and chocolate brown in the summer. The lips, tip of the ears, and the underside of the tails are white. A tuft of horseshoe-shaped hair is present on the forehead and upper neck, being brown to black, and can be up to 17 centimeters (6.7 in) long. 

#5.Naked Mole Rat

animals picturesSource: Scientific American

Naked mole-rats are pink, nearly hairless subterranean rodents that live in burrows in eastern Africa. If you think a blind, nearly hairless rodent that lives underground can’t get much stranger, then buckle up. There’s a lot more to these weird (and wonderful) rodents than meets the eye!

#6. The Gerenuk

animals picturesSource: Reddit

The gerenuk, also known as the giraffe gazelle, is a long-necked antelope found in parts of East Africa. It is characterised by its long, slender neck and limbs. 

#7. Dugongs

animals picturesSource: webecoist

Dugongs are cousins of manatees and share a similar plump appearance, but have a dolphin fluke-like tail.

#8. Superb Bird of Paradise

Source: Youtube

The superb bird of paradise is among one of several species of birds of paradise found in New Guinea. The males of these species are well known for their cape-like plumage, which they use in a unique mating ritual. 

#9. Red Lipped Batfish

Source: Bored Panda

Found on the Galapagos Islands, this fish is actually a pretty bad swimmer, and uses its pectoral fins to walk on the bottom of the ocean. is a website that provides you with Entertainment information and creative ideas to refresh your days. To know more about updated animals facts, visit our site daily. 
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