Blue Bird Of Paradise Displays Gorgeous Dance With Spectacular Blue Violet Feathers And White Spectacles

The Breathtaking Blue Bird Of Paradise

Blue Bird of Paradise may be the bird with the fanciest name in the wild. This large bird belongs to the genus Paradisornis, though it used to be in the Paradisaea group.

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Male Blue Bird of Paradise

This beautiful species is likely to be found in the montane forest in eastern New Guinea. In the green background of trees and leaves, the Blue Bird of Paradise stands out with its colorful body. The bird’s black head is adorned with two white circles around the eyes and a pale blue white bill. Its lovely name might stem from its sky blue wings and spectacular tail streamers, which include both blue and red hues.

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Like many other birds, the Blue Bird of Paradise’s appearance depends on sex. While the male is vivid with cinnamon brown plumes and feathers of the ribbon shape, the female appears less attractive with chestnut color.

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The Graceful Performance

When the mating season begins, the male will draw a female’s attention by displaying its gorgeous tail while hanging upside down. When it dances, a black oval shows up in the middle of its body and pulses along with the feather's movement.

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If the female bird is satisfied with the performance, it will form a cup-shaped nest with various types of leaves for mating and laying eggs.

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The primary food source of these breathtaking birds is fruits, varying from berries to other kinds. However, in seasons when fruits become scarce, they also take in insects and small reptiles.

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Unfortunately, this beautiful species is suffering from population decline due to habitat loss and illegal poaching. Many hunters look for them to earn profits from selling their vibrant plumes. Therefore, these birds get their name on the list of vulnerable species, and it is difficult to find them outside certain parts of New Guinea.

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