Young Boy Denounces His Mother On Reddit For Covertly Returning His First Pet

Not only do people who live alone have pets as their companions, but families also require such sweet angelic creatures to become their home's spiritual guardians. However, not everyone under a roof feels the same about these domestic animals. Plus, the pet chores need to be done and shared between family members. What if the household can't speak with one voice and changes their minds about keeping the pets? Will it lead to a pitiful family feud along with an unpredictable future for the poor little beast? Let's read the story we're about to tell you from start to finish to figure out how Reddit thinks of it!

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The original poster is a teenage boy with his user account name u/Bucket0fMilk. He denounced his mother's heartless act to the spicy subreddit community r/mildlyinfuriating with a screencap of their conversation. She had offered her idea that she would love to have a dog, so they had adopted one named Chase from the local animal shelter. The boy was content and delightful with his new furry pal.

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A month after, the mother took Chase to the grooming shop. A week had passed since that day, the OP still didn't see the pup coming home. He texted her to ask. She replied that she had returned Chase to the shelter because she had a second thought about the dog. He was so disappointed since she had done it without warning or letting him say goodbye to the pup. His mom had nothing more to tell him than a short "oh well", which made him even angrier.

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Most of the comments from Reddit blamed the OP's mother for being overbearing and neglectful. They didn't find any point in her taking away a cheerful loyal friend from her son. They assumed she was irresponsible of her child and the poor pet. Besides, they soothed the boy and explained it would be better if someone like her didn't become a pet owner. They felt sorry for the OP and wished the pup a better companion.

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On the other hand, many people didn't buy the OP's story. They reckoned the boy was either lying about his love for the pet or faking the whole situation. They questioned the OP that if he really had cared for Chase, why he couldn't notice and mention the dog's absence earlier. They guessed that the boy just wanted to hug and play with the pup and then left every pet duty to his mom, which made her reconsider her idea. Also, just a short conversation with no more information and detail couldn't clarify the whole complex. Eventually, the OP decided that when he turned eighteen, he would move out and adopt Chase again.

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