25 "Camilo Madrigal Encanto” Artists Who Certainly Catch Your Eyes With Their Incredible Artwork

It’s safe to say that Encanto is the most successful movie by Disney. When this animated film was released last year, it quickly captivated huge audiences of all ages. There’s a good reason for that: the movie not only has us smiling but also tug at our heartstrings with its amazing story and many impactful scenes. But We bet that you will feel nice while seeing these artworks of Camilo Madrigal Encanto.
Besides, Encanto easily becomes a favorite thanks to its catchy banging music, charming colors, and especially breathtaking animation. While Disney is known for its magnificent cinematography, Encanto took it to a whole new level. It’s hands-down stunning from the first to the last scenes. The expression of each of the characters is made vivid, igniting the emotions of the viewers.
The stunning cinematography of Encanto also inspires many artists to make their own versions and share them on several social media platforms. In this post, we want to highlight 25 pieces of Encanto artwork that are as gorgeous as the original version. They will actually impress you. Scroll down to enjoy.

#1 When You Call His Name... - Yonggall

Source: yonggall

#2 Encanto x Sailor Moon ?? - ZahraDraw

Source: zahradraw

#3 Grandkid Round-up ??? - RyuunArt

Source: ryuunart

#4 The Stars Don’t Shine, They Burn - CazArts

Source: CazArts

#5 ?7 Foot Frame, Rats Along His Back? - Soposiii

Source: soposiii

#6 Yo, Herc! by Tuherrus

Source: tuherrus

#7 The Madrigal Sisters ? - CinnaVee

Source: CinnaVee

#8 Camilo And His Hands ?✌️? - SavannaEGoth

Source: SavannaEGoth

#9 La Familia Madrigal ? - Ydk_Dny

Source: ydk_dny

#10 Have You Seen My Rat? - ColinGoldstein3

Source: ColinGoldstein3

#11 PB&J ??? - Kinschi

Source: kinschi

#12 Yeah About That Bruno - Bakuatsukiyu

Source: bakuatsukiyu

#13 You Better Not Mess With Her Hermanito ⛈ - Kinschi_Draws

Source: Kinschi_draws

#14 Selfie ? - Waguri_341

Source: waguri_341

#15 Okay But Can We Talk About How Absolutely Adorable Bruno Is? - JansenDraws

Source: jansendraws

#16 Rats We're Rats Weeee're The Rats - Lalonyx

Source: lalonyx

#17 Talk About Bruno - Sour_Lemmon

Source: sour_lemmon

#18 Hear The Beauty ? - Sennbee1027

Source: Sennbee1027

#19 Full Control ? - Kianamaiart

Source: kianamaiart

#20 Morning Coffee And Kisses ☕️ - Kinschi

Source: kinschi

Source: kinschi

Source: kinschi

#21 Modern Mirabel - MsPaintEncanto

Source: mspaintencanto

#22 Family Bonding Time! - Innuko

Source: innuko

#23 ? - Yonggall

Source: yonggall

#24 Bruno As A Rat ? by Bailey - Camilo Madrigal Encanto

Source: bailey_unknown

#25 I Feel… Like I Missed Something Important - MelonSharks

Source: melonsharks

Source: melonsharks

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