15 Terrible Celebrities To Work With And 15 Times They Are Awful to Their Assistants

Some people consider a celebrity assistant a dream job. These assistants have incredible access to famous stars every day, seeing their normal side. It's admirable!
Celebrity assistants' everyday life is such a race. They involve in an extremely stressful job that requires the assistants to be 100% loyal to the stars and to hang around them 24/7. In other words, celebrity assistants have no private time or private space. Take Lady Gaga's assistant, for example. She claims to have slept in the same bed as Gaga in case she needed anything in the middle of the night.
Celebrity assistants don't live the glamorous lives we all think they do. We've heard stories of celebrities who treated their assistants badly. Taryn Manning's assistant got beat up by the Orange star, or Naomi Campbell's assistant had a phone thrown at her by the supermodel. Yikes!
All that glitter is not gold. Celebrity assistant isn't that glamorous job. They stand behind the successful life and beautiful images of the stars. Some are treated properly while some, unluckily, aren't. Scroll down to see more stories of celebs being awful to their assistants!

#1 Naomi Campbell

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Lord Bell, the founder of the PR firm called Naomi Campbell "the most unpleasant fashion model in the world." Everyone now knows the Chinese-Jamaican supermodel is terrible to work with. In 2001, Campbell allegedly threw a phone at her assistant. She grabbed her assistant with her arms and threw her down on a couch. 1 year earlier, the supermodel was charged with beating an assistant.

#2 Taryn Manning

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Taryn Manning had a late-night argument with her personal assistant, Holliann Hartman, that turned into a bit of a physical altercation. The actress punched and choked her assistant, and ended up facing misdemeanor assault charges.

#3 Courtney Love

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Courtney Love was sued by her former personal assistant, Jessica Labrie. Labrie claimed the songstress "acted with an improper and evil motive amounting to malice or despicable conduct." Labrie worked over 60-hour weeks without being paid overtime. That's not all, she was forced to send false legal correspondence and was asked to hire a computer hacker.
Additionally, Love promised a “full-ride scholarship to Yale University" for Labrie but never paid up.

#4 Lady Gaga

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In 2013, Lady Gaga's assistant, Jennifer O'Neill, sued the "Poker Face" singer for unpaid overtime wages. In court documents, O'Neill said she was around the star 24/7 and frequently slept in the same bed because she never had her own hotel room while on tour.

#5 Jennifer Lopez

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Ultimate diva also offers weird rules for her staff. Jennifer Lopez is an example. According to HuffPost UK, the singer bans staff working on her new home from talking to or making eye contact with her.
And according to Gawker, Lopez gave these requirements for a new assistant: "The person has to be graceful under pressure, have thick skin, and be resourceful in foreign countries. You'll be on call 24/7... You have to change diapers, work on little sleep, and cook if the butler is away. You have to know when J. Lo has her snack time. She won't say she's hungry, and you're expected to have food waiting."

#6 Lance Armstrong

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While working as Lance Armstrong's personal assistant, Mike Anderson was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement "that would have made me liable for a large sum of money if I even mentioned ever having worked for Armstrong." When he described in a story for Outside, Armstrong fired him. This was before the truth about Armstrong's doping came out.

#7 Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan's past is filled with scandals and charges. The actress reportedly kicked her personal assistant, Gavin Doyle, out of a car right after he bailed her out of jail.

#8 Sharon Stone

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Everyone now knows Sharon Stone is awful to her staff. Angelica Castillo, one of Stone's former employees was advised to undertake a brief period of bed rest by doctors but Stone denied the request. She asked Castillo to come to work that day. She even called Castillo "crazy and stupid" when the assistant mentioned that she was still in pain.

#9 Katherine Heigl

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A source on the set of 27 Dresses revealed that Heigl refused to shoot until her pregnant assistant ran around and got her a Coke Zero. Not just that, the actress refused to eat lunch next to anyone or have anyone speak to her.

#10 Christian Bale

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Harrison Cheung's Christian Bale's personal assistant for over a decade wrote in his biography about Christian Bale: "I would do anything from sniffing Christian’s armpits for B.O. right before he hit the red carpet to making emergency sock runs if Christian was all out of clean ones. Sometimes duties were as exciting as traveling to film festivals and as dull as watching Christian surf in case something needed to be done onshore."

#11 Martha Stewart

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Martha Stewart has nine personal assistants and she randomly sends them to India just to buy fabric.

#12 Ricki Lake

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This sounds crazy and sick. Ricki Lake's assistant had to watch her boss give birth in a bathtub and clean up the bathtub afterward.

#13 Keri Hilson

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Keri Hilson is such annoying to work with. Following a performance in 2011, the singer screamed at her assistant for ‘not being able to do anything right.’

#14 Anna Wintour

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Aside from her profound fashion knowledge, Anna Wintour is known for her ability to completely ruin the lives of her personal assistants.

#15 Paris Hilton

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One particularly telling Paris Hilton sighting: She strolled from car to studio while her personal assistant laden with bags and Halloween costumes.
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