15 Female Celebrities Who Look Way Younger Than They Actually Are

celebrities.have it easy - they are virtually guaranteed to be perceived as looking young and fresh.
Or do they? Age is just a number, right?
Maybe not.
When it comes to age, the public can be extra cruel to female celebrities. This leads to them abusing make-up, dieting, exercise, and other ways to keep them looking their best. Or even drastic measures like botox treatments to plastic surgery.
Celebrities, especially females, are known for looking beautiful, young, and thin. However, many look younger than they are. There is no way to calculate how old they can look. This is why it is mind-melting when we see celebrities who look still league behind their real age.
But which celebrities are the best at disguising their real age? Here are 20 female celebrities that look way younger than they look.

#1 Sandra Bullock

Source: marca

Sandra Bullock prioritizes self-care to seem younger. Among other things, the Academy Award-winning actress, born in 1964, has perfect skin. On the other hand, Bullock swears that she has never taken Botox or had any plastic surgery. Instead, taking care of oneself is the key to her beautiful aging.

#2 Angela Bassett

Source: nbcnews

Angela Bassett, who was born in 1958, maintains a stunning appearance that defies time. The "What's Love Got to Do With It" star also has a physique that shows how much time she spends working out. Bassett claims she has halted the aging process by going to the gym as often as she can and raising her twins with her husband Courtney B. Vance. Bassett also collaborated with a dermatologist on a skincare line, which may help explain how she keeps her radiance.

#3 Jennifer Aniston

Source: allure

Jennifer Aniston's innate beauty has rendered her age unimportant in an industry that frequently defines females by their age. The former Friends actor, who was born in 1969, believes that growing older should be cherished.

#4 Gwen Stefani

Source: footwearnews

The pop-punk singer looks just as vibrant and attractive now as she did when she initially got her start in the music industry with No Doubt over two decades ago. Stefani, who was born in 1969, looks stunning even without makeup. Her secret? Falling in love with the right person.

#5 Sofia Vergara

Source: hola

This actress, who was born in 1972, felt confident enough in her figure to appear naked on the September cover of Women's Health. The Modern Family star isn't preoccupied with her age. Being preoccupied with looking younger, according to Sofia, drives you insane.

#6 Halle Berry

Source: footwearnews

Halle Berry, a former beauty queen and Academy Award winner, was born in 1966 and has an elegance and timeless grace that matches any leading lady in Hollywood. Her mystery? Her skincare routine is everything.

#7 Salma Hayek

Source: yahoo

This sensuous film actress, born in 1966, might easily pass for someone much younger. Hayek, on the other hand, seems unconcerned with her appearance.

#8 Stacey Dash

Source: tvinsider

Stacey Dash, born in 1967, does not appear to age. She looked so stunning at a special anniversary screening of Clueless in 2014 that one ELLE writer joked about whether she is a vampire or a soul-sucking demon; it’s the only reason she stays so flawlessly young.

#9 Julianne Moore

Source: indiewire

Julianne Moore, who was born in 1960, has been a Hollywood celebrity for nearly three decades. In Hollywood, the Academy Award-winning actress has the ideal attitude about aging. Rather than feeling forced to seem younger, she views her age as a privilege.

#10 Shakira

Source: spectrum

Born in 1977, the brilliant singer attributes her young skin to her ability to keep it clean and clear when feasible. The "Whenever, Wherever" singer still has her lovely blonde hair, but she reveals that she often goes makeup-free when she's not performing. Shakira has stated several times that she feels she looks better today than when she used a lot of makeup.

#11 Jennifer Lopez

Source: marca

According to internet reports, the music sensation and actress is aging backward. Jennifer Lopez, who was born in 1969, still possesses one of the most incredible bodies in the show industry. Lopez attributes her good looks to getting adequate sleep and starting each day with meditation and encouragement. It takes a lot of effort to keep so fit, yet because she enjoys dancing, it scarcely seems like exercise.

#12 Gabrielle Union

Source: variety

Gabrielle Union, born in 1972, is regularly asked how and where she discovered the fountain of youth. According to the Being Mary Jane actor, appearing young is as simple as saying no.

#13 Katie Couric

Source: pagesix

The former Today Show co-anchor, who was born in 1957, has been on the air for more than three decades. When asked what her secret to aging gracefully is, Couric admits she doesn't do anything particularly flashy or surprising. It’s just makeup.

#14 Eva Mendes

Source: nypost

Eva Mendes, who was born in 1974, has been the face of Revlon and Calvin Klein. She is married to Ryan Gosling, who is seven years her junior. The couple has two children, yet Mendes is as stunning today as she was in the 2001 film Training Day.

#15 Rebel Wilson

Source: 24hoursworld

Wilson, who was born in 1980, was involved in a minor issue in 2015 when a journalist alleged Wilson misled her about her age. Wilson claimed to be 29 at the time, while in fact, he was 35, according to the reporter. Wilson ultimately sued the reporter, alleging she was falsely accused of being a habitual liar, which harmed her career.
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