12 Celebrities Who Tumbled Into Obscurity, Falling Into Homeless

We've heard a lot of the success stories of public figures and celebrities who came from nothing. Through tremendous effort over the years, they managed to make it big, gaining both fame and wealth. Their stories have inspired a lot of people out there, especially those who have humble beginnings.
What about the other side? We mean, once-rich people who, despite years of success, have tumbled into obscurity, lost everything along the way, ending up becoming homeless. Debbie Clark, Margot Kidder, Alex Lambert, Natasha Lyonne, and Brett Butler are examples.
Life has ups and down. No matter how high you've soared, you might reach low and start again from zero.
The list below is about 12 celebrities who fell into homeless, including actors, sports stars, and musicians. The good news is some of them have started to work again or have got back on their feet in other ways. Scroll down to know who they are!

#1 Debbie Clark, AKA Storm

Source: Metaweb / CC-BY

Debbie Clark, going under the name of Storm is a contestant in American Gladiators, a very popular reality show in the late popular '80s and early '90s. The woman got involved in the show for three years until she had a serious injury that ended her career.
After leaving the show, Debbie had gone from job to job to make a living. Unfortunately, none of those jobs panned out for her. Additionally, she didn't receive any royalty checks for the show and suffered from domestic violence. She and her 10 year-old son ends up living on the streets of San Diego.

#2 Natasha Lyonne

Source: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Did you know that '90s actress Natasha Lyonne once lived on the streets? After several arrests followed by a hospitalization, Natasha found herself homeless. Fortunately, the actress has kept herself busy with her acting career again, appearing in the Netflix hit series Orange Is the New Black.

#3 Randy Quaid

Source: AP

Randy Quaid, starring in numerous films, has been having trouble with the law for some reason in recent years.
The actor and his wife were caught squatting in the guest house of a property that used to belong to them. Not long before, the couple was charged with skipping out on a hotel bill of over $10,000.

#4 Gary Glitter

Source: Ray Collins - The Sun

The rich, famous life of the glam-band star Gary Glitter vanished into the air when he was found out as a pedophile. His life has been very sordid, since then.
Gary Glitter was sentenced to prison in Vietnam for sex crimes against 10-year-old girls. After his release, he made his way back to England, trying to move into different areas. Now, he is living from place to place without being able to settle down due to complaints from the neighbors.

#5 Alex Lambert

Source: Getty Images

Alex Lambert is a former American Idol finalist. He is currently homeless, living out of his car in Los Angeles.
After scoring a spot on American Idol, Alex moved from LA to Texas to pursue a music career. Although he wasn't the winner of the competition, he didn't give up his dream, pouring everything into it. He chooses to live in his car here instead of going back home and giving up.

#6 "Sugar Ray" Williams

Source: Jason Nuttle for the Boston Globe

"Sugar Ray" Williams was the captain of the New York Knicks in the late-1970s through the mid-1980s, and played for the Boston Celtics' 1985 NBA Finals team. But in 2010, he was found sleeping in the backseat of his 1992 Buick in Pompano Beach, Florida.

#7 Iran Barkley

Source: Getty Images

You will never know when your rich status ends. Iran "The Blade" Barkley is an example. He amassed $5 million from his boxing career before falling into some difficult times following his retirement. The former world boxing champion was penniless and unemployed, becoming homeless in November 2010 after being kicked out of his Bronx apartment.
Fortunately, Barkley received support from the Bronx nonprofit BronxWorks and the Ring 10 boxing charity. He found housing and can support himself.

#8 Danny Bonaduce

Source: CNN

At 11, Bonaduce gained public attention for playing the middle son, Danny Partridge, in the television series The Partridge Family. However, fame and money led to his drug abuse during his late teens and twenties. He even fell into homelessness, living in his car behind Grauman's Chinese Theatre for a period of time.

#9 Brett Butler

Source: MEGA

Butler rose to stardom when starring in the ABC sitcom, Grace Under Fire. She battled recurring drug addiction and spent time in rehab during filming.
However, Grace was canceled in 1998, Butler ended up moving out of LA and onto a farm in Georgia. When she was penniless, the actress turned to a homeless shelter for cover.

#10 Willie Aames

Source: Getty Images

Willie Aames was the child star of the 1970s television series Eight Is Enough and the 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge. When he faced bankruptcy and foreclosure, he resorted to sleeping under bushes and in parking garages.

#11 Rocky Lockridge

Source: AP

Rocky Lockridge earned the WBA super featherweight championship when handing Roger Mayweather his first defeat: a first-round knockout after just 98 seconds. However, the professional boxer has suffered drug problems over the past two decades, falling into homeless and suffering a stroke that forced him to walk with a cane.

#12 Margot Kidder

Source: IMDb

Margot Kidder was famous for playing Superman's love interest Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeve-era films. She dated famous leading men like Richard Pryor and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
Kidder suffered from schizophrenia and manic depression and even refused treatment at one time. Luckily, she has since recovered and is currently living in Montana where she is a political activist.
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