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  1. #1. Best Squid Game Characters, Who Are The 3 Main Characters In Squid Game?
  2. #2. Squid Game Characters Who Were A Jerk And Had Heavy Debt

4 Best And 4 Jerky Squid Game Characters

The fascinating story and memorable moments about Squid Game characters have made it a huge success for Netflix. Many contestants who will stick out in your mind have proven that they may be liked despite their heinous deeds.
The limits of human endurance are revealed when hundreds of participants are pitted against one another in a game of life and death. The most sympathetic protagonists in the program all have compelling motivations to keep competing violently despite this.

#1. Best Squid Game Characters, Who Are The 3 Main Characters In Squid Game?

3. Player 067 - Kang Sae-byeok

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Sae-byeok has learned to rely on herself as a North Korean defector. She comes to trust Gi-hun, Sang-woo, and Ali during the competition. In the fourth game, she reveals her family and aspirations to Ji-yeong. Sae-courage byeok's determination to protect her brother have won over viewers. Her death was one of Squid Game's saddest. Fans won't forget her last conversation with Gi-hun.

2. Player 218 - Cho Sang-woo

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Unpopularly, Sang-woo isn't horrible in Squid Game. Some fans argue that his horrible actions were justified. According to most viewers, sang-sacrifice woo's in the last episode doesn't make up for his betrayals. Hehelped his team in Tug of War for his survival. He betrayed Gi-hun in the second game and Ali in the fourth. Some supporters still feel awful for the athlete since he only wanted to see his mum without shame.

1. Player 456 - Seong Gi-hun

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The show's hero isn't perfect. Gi-hun is a mistake-prone father and gambler. This makes it easy to identify with him and support his tough game selections. He survives through wit, bravery, and luck. Despite everything he's been through, he's willing to forgo the entire prize money to save Sang-woo. If the show is renewed, spectators will see his bravery and resolve more.

Bonus: Player 199 Squid Game - Abdul Ali

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Ali is the most popular character. In the first episode, 'Red Light, Green Light,' the kindhearted player lifts Gi-hun to save him. As an immigrant, he knows what it's like to be abused, and he doesn't want others to go through that. Ali and Gi-hun won every game; his strength is crucial in tug-of-war and rioting. He'll do anything to save his pals, which makes Sang-fourth woo's trick easy. Ali's dismay, disbelief, and anguish at Sang-actions woo's is almost unbearable. Too trusting and ignorant to endure the competition.

#2. Squid Game Characters Who Were A Jerk And Had Heavy Debt

1. Player 96 Squid Game

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A coward from the start, Player 096 has always taken cover behind others. However, he plans on shifting his mentality and taking charge in the fifth game. Once he figures out the game, he immediately reverts to a timid demeanor.

2. Player 278 Squid Game

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It becomes clear that Player 278 is a crass and arrogant oaf. In the fourth game, he makes a sexist joke about "being skilled at getting things in holes" and makes a suggestive gesture with his tongue toward Han Mi-nyeo. Also, he was on Jang Deok-side su's until the sixth episode, when he became arrogant and mocked Jang Deok-su for being helpless in the face of violence.

3. Player 128 Squid Game

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In the first game, Player 128 made significant progress. However, as players moved closer to the finish line, green lights were shorter, and so were their times. Many players then could not halt in time to avoid the shot; Player 128 was one of them. As a result, he was fatally wounded in the chest.

4. Player 021 Squid Game

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When it came to his time, he had forgotten the sequence of events that the math teacher had followed, so he had to ask Player 453 for aid, but she had also forgotten it. She heard Player 244 and Player 151 arguing over which way it went. He veered over to the left and ended up drowning.
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