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  1. #1. Who Are The Main Characters Of Black Clover? 10 Favorite Black Clover Characters

10 Most Favortite Black Clover Characters, Ranked

While Atsuo, Yuno, and Noelle are the anime's most beloved Black Clover Characters, many more notable characters play important roles in helping the Clover Kingdom, and its elite Black Bull magicians overcome The Dark Triad and other terrible foes.
Different major characters are more interesting to watch because of their unique magical abilities and personalities. What makes the characters in Black Clover so interesting is their altruism and morality and their humor, quirks, and will to protect their friends no matter the cost.

#1. Who Are The Main Characters Of Black Clover? 10 Favorite Black Clover Characters

10. Fuegoleon Vermillion

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Fuegoleon's moral backbone and nonjudgmental views of less fortunate individuals make him likable despite being a Vermillion nobleman. He judges people on their merits, not their social rank or fortune. Moreover, he's not the typical noble snob. Fuegoleon's charisma and funny back-and-forth with Noelle as a difficult father figure enchant him in the dark fantasy anime.

9. Vanessa Enoteca - Best Black Clover Female Characters

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Vanessa Enoteca, a Black Bull, is one of the show's messiest characters. She is a formidable witch, but her love of drinking earns her the nickname Drunken Frenzy Witch. Moreover, Vanessa is vibrant, seductive, friendly, and great to party with. She's one of anime's most iconic magical girls and often counsels Noelle on how to harness her magic despite her inebriated appearance. Saving Asta's life in the Witch's Forest demonstrates her dedication.

8. Luck Voltia

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Luck Voltia's exuberant enthusiasm draws others to him. Black Bulls rely on Luck's combat skills and mischief to overcome adversaries. Luck's pranks and practical jokes make him lovable. He often steals from his squadmates or booby-traps them. His perpetual grin and passion for fierce fighting make him fascinating to watch, earning him the nickname Smiling Battle Maniac.

7. Mimosa Vermillion Stands 7th In Best Black Clover Characters

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Fuegoleon's cousin Mimosa Vermillion is a lovely teen with a sweet appetite and a taste for black tea. She was faithful to Asta from the start, unlike Klaus. Mimosa seems to have learned from Fuegoleon not to evaluate people based on their socioeconomic level. She's gentle, kind, and clumsy, leading to funny, innocent accidents.

6. Charmy Pappitson

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Charmy is one of Black Clover's most charming characters. Her ravenous appetite and love of food often distract her from her battle post. Charmy's compassion and kindness lead her to share meals with her Black Bull squadmates, even when they're full. She becomes carefree and foolish when food isn't involved, especially when competing for Yami's attention with Sylph.

5. Secre Swallowtail

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Secre Swallowtail, aka Nero, is a hilariously inconsistent main character. The noblewoman became Asta's guardian angel and devil's advocate after joining the Black Bulls. She yells and pokes at Asta until she listens to her advice. Despite being cruel to Asta, she repeatedly proves that she loves him. She never leads him and guides him through danger. The odd-couple interaction between them is entertaining.

4. Yuno Grinberryall

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Black Clover's Yuno Grinberryall is a key character. Asta's orphan best buddy became the Magic Emperor. Calm, soft-spoken, and philanthropic, Yuno goes out of his way to help Asta, even if it hurts him. He's an amazing friend. Yuno's passion for safeguarding his squadmates makes him one of the most dependable people in difficult circumstances.

3. Noelle Silva

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Noelle Silva's transformation from a vainglorious royal to a modest Black Bull member makes her a likable character. Her humility, modesty, and affection for Asta make the show. Noelle's arrogant manner altered after joining the Black Bulls. Noelle goes from bad to good by gaining confidence, courage, and the capacity to admit her faults.

2. Asta Is Undoubtedly One Of The Most Beloved Black Clover Characters

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Asta is the most likable of Black Clover's three major characters. Most of the action is seen through the teenage orphan's eyes as he and his Black Bulls work to take down the Diamond Kingdom. His exuberant zeal rubs off on his squadmates, who affect the viewers. Asta's biting humor, fun demeanor, sense of justice, nonjudgmental viewpoint, and passionate friendship with Noelle make them one of anime's best battle couples.

1. Yami Sukehiro

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Despite his nasty tongue, fierce temper, and reckless behavior, Yami Sukehiro is the Captain of the Black Bulls who recruited Asta and the others. Yami, a respected magician and combatant lead the Bulls boldly. What makes Yami so famous is the tough fatherly love he shows his squadmates, teaching them life lessons and instilling knowledge by challenging them to be their best.
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