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  1. Mushoku Tensei Power Ranking - 9 Best Mushoku Tensei Characters

Top 9 Strongest Mushoku Tensei Characters, Ranked

While many larger-than-life figures populate Mushoku Tensei's world, they are among the select few who may legitimately claim the strongest Mushoku Tensei characters. The "Eris The Goblin Slayer" OVA, broadcast on March 16, 2022, marked the conclusion of the first season of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation.
Many eager viewers have already purchased the light novels from the Mushoku Tensei series, from which the anime was popular, to get a sneak peek at what's to come in season 2 and identify any returning characters. Readers who look ahead to the novels will learn which characters are, hands down, the most powerful due to their many and varied talents. However, spoilers for the novel lie ahead.

Mushoku Tensei Power Ranking - 9 Best Mushoku Tensei Characters

9. Eris Greyrat

mushoku tensei characters, Eris Greyrat, Mushoku Tensei season 2Source: Mushoku Tensei

After the Metastasis Event transferred she and Rudeus to the Demon Continent then became a swordswoman. Fighting monsters on the Demon Continent honed her swordsmanship. Eris gets Sword God King Rank and the title "Mad Sword King Eris." Superd Ruijerd, Sword King Ghislaine, and Sword God Gal Farion are her teachers. Eris is unhappy to see Rudeus with numerous wives upon her reappearance, but she joins the love triangle as Rudeus's wife and guardian.

8. Jino Britts Stands 8th In The Strongest Mushoku Tensei Characters

mushoku tensei characters, Jino Britts, Mushoku Tensei season 2Source: Mushoku Tensei

Jino is a shy guy who hones his skills in quiet throughout the series. Uncle Gal Farion, who trains him with his daughter Nina, discovered his talent early on. Jino fought the Sword God and took the title like Eris. He killed Gal without Ruijerd's help, unlike Eris. He's the fastest Sword God practitioner of his time.

7. Randolph Marianne

Randolph Marianne, Mushoku Tensei season 2Source: Mushoku Tensei

A descendant of Kalman I, the first North God, and the Immortal Demon King Atoferatofe Raibaku, his demon bloodline made him long-lived and immortal. Leaving his claim for North God, he took Death God and killed the previous one. His skill, the Sword of Bewitching, hasn't been countered in hundreds of years. His sword skills, stamina, and stealth make him a tough opponent. Randolph's might can topple a whole kingdom.

6. Rudeus Greyrat

mushoku tensei characters, Rudeus Greyrat, Mushoku Tensei season 2Source: Mushoku Tensei

Rudeus Greyrat was banished to a realm of swords and magic after being slain by a truck in his previous life. After being reincarnated as a 34-year-old irredeemable leach, he chose to start over and change for the better. Rudeus' adult mind and childlike learning capacity help him achieve Saint Rank in most schools of magic, like his teacher Roxy. He has the greatest mana pool in history and can employ advanced rank magic on par with emperor-ranked magic, the second-highest categorization.

5. Atoferatofe "Atofe" Raibaku

Atoferatofe "Atofe" Raibaku, Mushoku Tensei season 2Source: Mushoku Tensei

Atofe is a mighty and dumb Immortal Demon King of the Demon Continent. Her simple-minded thirst for strength leads to many pointless clashes and soldiers being granted positions in her army against their choice. Atofe's immortality, strength, and sword skills make her a terrifying foe or ally. I taught her the North God Style, her husband, North God Kalman, and though she's not a superb swordswoman, her demonic might makes up for it.

4. Reida Reia

mushoku tensei characters, Reida Reia, Mushoku Tensei season 2Source: Mushoku Tensei

Reida was the indisputable Water God until she was murdered. Master 2 of 5 Water God Style forms and be approved by the other Water Emperors to become Water God. She mastered two challengings Water God forms to win. Reida used two powerful techniques to create the Depravation Sword Kingdom. Her unusual method allowed her to attack from any direction upon detecting even the slightest movement. She held in check Rudeus, Ghislaine, Eris, Sylphiette, and a dining hall full of warriors.

3. Badigadi

mushoku tensei characters, Badigadi, Mushoku Tensei season 2Source: Mushoku Tensei

Atofe's brother Badigadi is Randolph Marianne's great-uncle. He's a Demon Lord and Kishirika Kishirisu's fiance. He's famous for his longevity, jet-black complexion, six arms, and tardiness. Badigadi is known as the Fighting God for using the Fighting God Armor to fight Dragon God Laplace thousands of years ago. As with other demon rulers, he eventually revived and threatened his foes anew.

2. Aleksander Raibaku "Kalman III"

mushoku tensei characters, Mushoku Tensei season 2Source: Mushoku Tensei

Aleksander, or "Alek," is the grandson of Kalman I and Atofe and the son of Alexander Raibaku or Kalman II, making him the third North God in his line. While he's believed to be beautiful, his outspoken temperament lends him a bestial aspect. Alek is the strongest and most brilliant practitioner of the North God style and created a new branch school. He inherited immortality from his grandmother Atofe. Raibaku holds Kakujuto, the "Dragon King Sword," which has incredible durability and controls gravity. He briefly possessed the "Fighting God Armor," one of the series' toughest armors.

1. "Dragon God" Orsted - Best Mushoku Tensei Characters

mushoku tensei characters, Mushoku Tensei season 2Source: Mushoku Tensei

Orsted is undisputedly the strongest man who has lived, and just hearing his name strikes fear. Even the strongest warriors fear him if they haven't already surrendered themselves to death. Orsted, a new adversary, quickly defeats Rudeus. He's God Rank in Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Healing, Detoxification, Divine Strike, Protection, and Summoning. He can Howl, Teleport, Gravity, Time Travel, and Disrupt Magic. God-ranked in Water God, Sword God, and North God styles. He has the strongest sword, "God Sword." Despite his affliction, he's slaughtered God's ranks with his fighting talents alone. He's "the strongest"

Bonus: Ariel Mushoku Tensei Is One Of The Most Beloved Mushoku Tensei characters

mushoku tensei charactersSource: Mushoku Tensei

Ariel is manipulative, sadistic/masochistic, and charismatic; she wants the throne. Even as a child, she rarely said selfish things in front of nobility and the connections she needed to gain the kingdom. Ariel took a merging lesson in her fourth year at Ranoa Magic Academy. Ranoa found this class tough. Sylphy trained her and Luke to retain her charisma.
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