22 Actors And Actresses Whose Presense In A Movie Makes People Turn Off Their Screen

Why do you hate an actor/ actress? They played a character that you hate the most? They were miscast for a movie/TV role? Or, their personal life disturb you? All might happen. However, we sometimes detest an actor or actress's appearance in a movie for minor reasons. Their face has some features that don't match our sense of beauty or that actor/ actress has done or said something that we find unacceptable. Fame comes with both haters and lovers. Not many celebrities aren't hated by people.
This post, however, finds the answers to why people don't watch a movie just because of the presence of an actor/ actress. It is mainly because that actor/ actress didn't have good acting skills as they expected or their real-life manners are so bad.
A Reddit user has recently raised this topic on Ask/Reddit and received thousands of votes and comments. Andy Dick, James Cordon, Taylor Lautner, Tom Cruise, and many other famous actors are listed out on here. Are you curious about these big names? Scroll down and check them out!

#1 Taylor Lautner

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I went to elementary school with him. He constantly bullied me, and made school life for me worse. He and a lot of other kids from that school district thought they were God’s gift to the Earth; and I would not be shocked if he still has that arrogance to him. - Cmndrkool321

#2 James Corden

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I thought people were just jumping on the bandwagon and making up stories until two of my freinds appeared in a scene with him in a movie and 100% confirmed that he was an asshole. - eng3n33r

#3 Andy Dick


I've seen every episode of Star Trek ever many times but refuse to watch the Voyager episode he is in. - napfanforever

#4 Jenny McCarthy

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She sexually assaulted Justin Bieber at an awards show and then minimized/justified it rather than apologizing. It had no impact on her career that was more driven by her hair and boobs than her talent. - duhhhh

#5 Gwyneth Paltrow

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She loves peddling bullshit. Plus jade eggs can cause vaginal infections according to actual gynecologists. She’s an idiot. - aapaul

#6 The Rock

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My real problem with the Rock is that he’s proven he can act, but instead we see four indistinguishable movie posters a year in which he plays himself. I don’t blame him for taking the checks, though. Starting to feel the same of Chris Pratt. - obsterwankenobster

#7 Steven Seagal

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The guy was known to be a Asshole and massive liar in Hollywood. He claimed he trained with CIA SAD Operatives for a movie he was on but the set had no official CIA members, and he also mentioned he trained with the founder of Aikido but the founder died two years ago in 2018 I think. He once punched a actor in the nose after the actor thought Steven joking about him being Director and got punched in the Nose. - Ask/Reddit

#8 Jaden Smith


Will Smith ruined so many potentially decent casting his god awful actor of a son. He isn't even good in his anime Neo Yokio, which had nothing to do with his dad and didn't even require him to be on screen. It seems like he's done with movies now and cinema is better for it. - pajer09

#9 Bella Thorne

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She is washed up and actually terrible at acting. - NokoBal

#10 Jennifer Lopez

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My husband and I have running joke that she literally plays the same poorly acted role in every movie. This one coming up with Owen Wilson, is no different lol. - wander-lux

#11 Elisabeth Moss

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Elisabeth Moss is a Scientologist. I’m sad now. - Beccaannellie

#12 Jared Leto

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Jared Leto’s creepy cultist ass. He’s too impressed with himself and often takes “edgy” roles and cranks them to 11. Is he in some good movies? Sure. Will I watch them? No I will not. - lilsmudge

#13 Tom Cruise

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I’m really hesitant of Tom cruise movies. Which hasn’t been tough cause he hasn’t done anything in a while I wanted to see. It wasnt a total boycott. Sometimes I’d still watch something on a streaming service I already paid for if it happened to be something I was interested in but didn’t want to pay extra money for. He can be an ok actor when he’s not picking easy garbage. But I just don’t like him at all as a person. - CapnCooties

#14 Armie Hammer

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He creeps me out! - DKatrinaKat

#15 Woody Allen

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Cannot abide him. - only_a_blowin

#16 Lena Dunham

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Lena Dunham was someone who I never understood why she became famous. She has a privileged background (cousins to the same Tiffanys of Tiffany & Co. jewelers), yet she has proven more to be problematic than anything. - leftclicksq2

#17 Amber Heard

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Bed shitter. - ParsnipBusy

#18 Cara Delvigne

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She's a model who bought her way into Hollywood. She's a terrible actress and I'm sick of having to pretend like she deserves to be thGod. - youfailedthiscity

#19 Vin Deisel

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Unless he's being a tree, Vin Deisel. - SometimesMonkeysDie

#20 Kevin Hart

Source: Netflix

He is not an actor, and will immediately take me out of any illusion the moment he inevitably yells his line. - squeakycleaned

#21 Amy Schumer

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If I see Amy Schumer in the trailer, I'll never watch that movie. - asa1

#22 Mark Wahlberg

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This is the one I was looking for. My husband used to work at a university where Mark Wahlberg used the gym. My husband had to approach him one time and mark was like “hey buddy not now. No autographs.” And my husband was like “uhh… no I have to ask you to move I need something from behind you…” - Cat523
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