30 Reimagined Classic Disney Posters That Capture The Magic Of The Movie

Mondo Art Gallery and Cyclops Print Works had an art gallery show themed around Disney called "Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show". This event invites fans of all ages to explore exciting new interpretations of Disney’s beloved classics and modern masterpieces.
The artwork in "Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show" is the product of 30 artists, each of whom was allowed to show respect to their favorite animated Disney film—from Ken Taylor's modern version of "Big Hero 6"(2014) to James Flames' reimagining of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" (1937). A few of the more recent additions are "Bambi," "Fantasia," "101 Dalmations," "Aladdin," "Lilo and Stitch," and "Pinocchio."
Mitch Putnam, co-founder, and creative director claims that movies play a significant role in his and his family's upbringing and their current lives. And the artists on this list have the same feeling as Mitch. They have expressed their adoration for Disney movies by creating incredible works of art.
We have gathered the best 30 classic Disney posters reimagined from the art gallery. Scroll down to see more!

#1 101 Dalmations by Jonathan Burton

Source: Jonathan Burton 

Jonathan Burton says that "101 Dalmatians" is the most beautiful Disney movie, mostly because it was the first time the artists' original line drawings were employed in the final cells via the copy machine technique. He added that “The line work is sketchy, the color misaligned and it makes for a style full of life. My poster pays tribute to this, and in particular the rough production drawings of Disney’s Ken Anderson who himself was inspired by Ronald Searle.”

#2 Aladdin by Matt Taylor

Source: Matt Taylor

For Matt Taylor, "Aladdin" is the pinnacle of classic Disney, so the opportunity to reimagine it is basically a dream project. The most enjoyable element, in his opinion, was getting to sketch that Genie bursting out of the lamp. He wanted to try to include some ancient Arabian design and decorating into the painting.

#3 The Black Cauldron by Randy Ortiz

Source: Randy Ortiz

This eery imagery is perfect for one of Disney’s darker animated films. We’re scared of the Horned King and the Cauldron-Borns just looking at it.

#4 Lilo & Stitch by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

Source: Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

After viewing Rosemary Valero-tropical-themed O'Connell's artwork, we're quickly packing our bags and flying to Hawaii.

#5 Pinnochio by Jessica Seamans

Source: Jessica Seamans

Monstro in Jessica Seamans's "Pinnochio" really reminds us how scary it is.

#6 Fantasia by Becky Cloonan

Source: Becky Cloonan

These Fantasia posters definitely portray the scarier side of Disney as they capture the “Night on Bald Mountain” scene from the film.

Source: Becky Cloonan

#7 Big Hero 6 by Ken Taylor

Source: kentaylorart

“Watching a Disney movie together with my kids is amazing, but making artwork for one of their favorite films takes it to the next level,” said artist Ken Taylor. “BIG HERO 6 is my eldest daughter's favorite, and I love it so much about this film. The story is super fun but it's the city that gets me in, the opportunity to draw San Fransokyo has been a blast and one of the best film poster experiences I have had. Hopefully, folks dig it as much as I do.”

Source: kentaylorart

#8 The Fox and the Hound by Tegan White

Source: Tegan White

In this piece by Tegan White, just look at how joyful our favorite four-legged animated animals are!

Source: Tegan White

#9 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by James Flames

Source: James Flames

This "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" artwork has some really fantastic movie scene sketches.

#10 Gargoyles by Phantom City Creative

Source: Phantom City Creative

We’d totally trust these Gargoyles by Phantom City Creative to protect our city!

#11 Lady and the Tramp by Dave Perillo

Source: Dave Perillo

The well-known meatball and spaghetti scene must be on the new poster.

#12 Gravity Falls by Dave Perillo

Source: Dave Perillo

In Dave Perillo's rework, every character in Dipper and Mabel's adventures appears together.

#13 Peter Pan by Tom Whalen

Source: Tom Whalen

All of the elements are included in Tom Whalen’s Peter Pan pieces. From Captain Hook’s villainous smile to Peter Pan and the Darlings, the whole gang is there!

Source: Tom Whalen

#14 Bambi by Laurent Durieux

Source: Laurent Durieux

This poster captures the sadness of the young deer in the woods, and in the background shows the adult Bambi gazing off into the distance.

#15 The Little Mermaid by Nicolas Delort

Source: Nicolas Delort

The "Little Mermaid" by Nicolas Delort is a reminder of just how much power Ursula had over Ariel.

#16 The Sword in the Stone by Oliver Barrett

Source: Oliver Barrett

We are inspired to watch "The Sword in the Stone" after taking only one glimpse at this piece.

#17 Tron by Stan and Vince

Source: Stan and Vince

This poster has vintage vibes.

#18 Mary Poppins by Marc Aspinall

Source: Marc Aspinall

What a fantastic idea of Marc Aspinall!

#19 Alice in Wonderland by Tom Whalen

Source: Tom Whalen

Tom Whalen nailed the Alice in Wonderland artwork by reimagining the imagery as a card.

Source: Tom Whalen

#20 The Rocketeer by César Moreno

Source: César Moreno

This modernized version of the 1991 superhero film is an absolutely perfect update to the original!

Source: César Moreno

#21 Tron: Legacy by Craig Drake

Source: Craig Drake

Craig Drake's Tron: Legacy poster is a genius, with a basic design that delivers a powerful message.

#22 The Lion King by Matt Taylor

Source: Matt Taylor

Colorful and inspirational! After seeing this poster, we want to rewatch "The Lion King" immediately!

Source: Matt Taylor

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