11 Weird Celebrity Pets That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

If being a celebrity, you have to accept to lead a busy lifestyle. Famous people are swept into the maelstrom of work that makes them stressed regularly. No matter how glamorous and powerful they are, they have too little privacy and too much pressure. When times are hard, some stars have found happiness in the small moments of joy with their pets. When it comes to celebrity pets, we often think of lovely ones such as dogs, cats, birds, and so on.
However, today we’re not talking about  Taylor Swift's cats or Katy Perry's dogs here. We want to mention some unusual animals which are adopted by some celebs. Keep scrolling down to see them.

#1 Justin Bieber and his capuchin monkey

Source: justinbieber

Singer Justin Bieber loves monkeys, so his friend gave him a capuchin monkey. Unfortunately, on his tour in Germany, OG was confiscated.

#2 Tori Spelling and her pig

Source: torispelling

Tori Spelling shared an Instagram picture as an announcement that her family welcomed a new little member – an adorable pig named Nutmeg. Before adopting the pig, she is known for her fuzzy white chicken.

#3 Kirstie Alley and her lemurs

Source: kirstiealley

Kirstie Alley is an animal lover. She started out having 14 ring-tailed lemurs because they are great and nice. She said each of them had a sort of distinct personality.

#4 Melanie Griffith and her lion

Source: Central Press/ Getty Images

Melanie Griffith adopted a lion named Neil when being young. However, she realized she couldn’t see the lion as a pet. Fortunately, Neil didn’t injure anyone.

#5 Michael Jackson and his chimp bubbles

Source: Fanpop

Michael Jackson’s adoption of a chimpanzee “Bubbles” was a story well documented. The singer adopted the chimp in the ‘80s from a Texas research facility. They had a happy time at Jackson’s home in Encino, California.

#6 Kristen Stewart and her wolves

Source: Pinterest

“Twilight” Kristen Stewart not only has wolves on the screen but also in her real life. The actress grew up with wolves on her family’s Santa Monica ranch. Her family loved them so much and treated them as family.

#7 Paris Hilton and her kinkajou

Source: @ParisHilton

Paris Hilton owned a kinkajou named Baby Luv. Contrary to its lovely look, sometimes it was dangerous. Once it bit Paris Hilton but she was not badly hurt. She visited a hospital emergency room to receive a tetanus shot. However, there were no hard feelings between the two.

#8 Hugh Hefner and his llama

Source: @hughhefner

Llama is an animal species that loved in recent years. But, many might not know that Hugh Hefner owned a llama, named Lambert years ago. In 2014, he shared a vintage photo of himself with his four-legged friend.

#9 Mike Tyson and his tiger

Source: Allsport

Mike Tyson had a passion for tigers, so he decided to get a white one for himself. He wrestled with her regularly in the past and his love for the tiger inspired his part in 2009’s “The Hangover”.

#10 Leonardo DiCaprio and his African spurred tortoise

Source: Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio paid 400 dollars for an African tortoise. The tortoise can live up to 80 years old and weigh around 200 pounds.

#11 Nicolas Cage and his octopus

Source: Getty Images

Nicolas Cage picked up a 150-dollar octopus and it is worth. The actor shared that his “pet” helped him with his acting skills.
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