The Amazing Spider Man 3-What Did And Will Happen?

Andrew Garfield is the lead actor for Sony’s second series about Spider-Man. The first one was 3 parts of Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire.
Recently they have made guest appearances on Sony and Marvel’s partnered movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. This has caused the demand for The Amazing Spider Man 3 among Peter Parker’s fandom. 

#1. The Actual Reason Why We Have Never Heard of The Three-quel

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Compared to Maguire’s 3 iconic movies, Garfield’s reboots were not appreciated as much. They performed well in the box office but not great. Critically, they had received several bad reviews and questions about the storyline and characterization. Therefore, fans predicted that this would result in the disappearance of The Amazing Spider Man 3.
Eventually, the truth is another story. Despite being considered a downhill from the first series, it was never a flop compared to other movies. The latest film brought Sony more than $700 million. Garfield’s performance was also well-praised considering playing such a complicated superhero as Spidey. 
In 2014, Sony’s system was hacked and got leaked with many inside stories. The fact is Sony and Garfield actually planned for the three-quel and scheduled to make an announcement in a press event after World Cup 2014. It was planned for a 2016 release. Unfortunately, the actor arrived late and was not in the best condition for a crowded gathering. He did not show up and Sony’s executives were disappointed. Former Sony CEO Kaz Harai was upset and decided to fire him, and canceled production of the film. 

#2. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe Is Not Really Fascinating

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After what happened, Sony connected with Marvel to cooperate in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies. This was a win-win situation since Marvel could bring Peter to the MCU and Sony might profit from it. Sony later confirmed to create its own cinematic universe of… Spider-Man’s villains. 
They initiated with Venom and Morbius. Afterwards there will be four upcoming works. Even though Venom hit hard in theaters, its following film and Morbius could not do the same. Fans realized there was no connection between these characters unless there was their enemy - Spider-Man. They were claimed to be lacking in the plots. Foremost, what on earth is a Spider-Man universe with no Spider-Man found in the franchise? 

#3. Why Sony Should Totally Restart The Amazing Spider Man 3?

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Following No Way Home’s success last year, fans requested a lot on social media for the return of Sony’s own Spider-Man. They were in awe with Maguire and Garfield’s return on big screens. Sony and Garfield himself acknowledged the demand and were all excited for it. Furthermore, it will be the essential missing part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Through the film, the universe is connected and made perfect. The idea of giving the villains an enemy will totally fit in the big picture. 
Garfield’s Spider-Man in the MCU proved he is still one of the best who may portray Peter Parker. Otherwise, it is still too early for Sony and him to confirm anything coming up next since it has been 8 years since the previous The Amazing Spider Man. A superhero film may cost a few years and millions of budget to finish. Anyways, the hope was raised since literally everyone is fond of this brilliant idea. recently got plenty of good responses thanks for its hilarious posts on animals and funny stories as well as entertainment news and fun facts. Make sure to check our page daily to keep it up. 
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