What Will Happen to The Flash Movie After Ezra Miller’s Incidents?

The first solo The Flash movie was planned by Warner Bros. Studios to premier in Summer 2023. Unfortunately, it will not be a straight line as scheduled. Its starring actor Ezra Miller has made some serious fusses recently.
What are those and what will happen to the movie? 

#1. The Filming and Editing for the Film Has Been Finished.

What Will Happen to The Flash Movie After Ezra Miller’s Incidents? 1Source: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has long been working on this project, back to 2014. Ezra made their first appearance on Suicide Squad (2016). After several reschedules, the producers have confirmed its official release date to be June 23th, 2023. The Flash is a young superhero from the DC Extended Universe, in which there are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and so on. He got his power from Speed Force that makes him incapable of moving, sensing and healing at a super speed. The Flash movie cost the studio roughly $200 million in the making obviously with high expectations from the studio, the cast and DC fans. 

#2. Ezra Miller’s Status Is Alerting at This Rate.

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Though the film is coming to a wrap to make its way to theaters, the leading actor was arrested and charged with serial crimes. They were proved guilty with suspicion of assault, disorderly conduct and harassment towards the police and later alcohol theft. They all took place within the last 5 months, from March of 2022. 
Moreover, at least two kids’ parents have demanded Miller to stay away from them for suspecting they were abused by the actor. Recently, children services and cops are investigating an unusual disappearance of a woman and her three children who used to live on their farm in Vermont. Somehow, these were not everything Miller was accused of. They were reported by many others for violence, storing guns and smoking heavy weed.
Their image to the public has instantly gone downhill. Fans of DC Comics and also the DCEU are upset and have insisted Warner Bros. on firing him and recasting the role.

#3. The Uncertain Future of the upcoming The Flash Movie.

What Will Happen to The Flash Movie After Ezra Miller’s Incidents? 3Source: Warner Bros.

The first and the least likely option is to scrap the whole movie. The chance to recast or reshoot is almost impossible since Miller appears in every single scene of the movie. Furthermore, they did play several roles as well. The studio would only do this if things got out of control and Miller’s image could not be saved anymore.
The second scenario is to wait until Miller cleans their crime records with professionals’ help and family members’ caring. Until they recover and apologize for what happened, the movie will still arrive on screens on time. This is Warner being optimistic and easily the best picture for Miller themselves and the movie crew.
The last one would be with the most possibility to occur. The film will still premier but without the actor’s participation in promoting. The studio later on shall recast another actor for the role in future projects. By the way, if this happens, it will face several boycotts from the public with their negativity towards its lead. Eventually, it will cause so much loss for the box office and damage the authority of the studio and the DCEU, basically a superheroes franchise. 
However, The Flash movie is still worth anticipating for. it is claimed to be pleasing with the plot and the CG. On our site AUBTU.BIZ, we update the latest news on Entertainment, funny contents and animals. If you are fond of this post, make sure to check out similar movie and celebrity articles on a daily basis. 
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