Everything You Need To Know About Pixar’s Turning Red Characters

Turning Red (2021) is one of the latest Disney and Pixar’s works. It follows Meilin Lee’s coming-of-age hardships which any teenage girl and boy could relate to. Ever since Up (2008) we see another Asian leading role in a Pixar animation. Out of the relationships Mei has to deal with: family, friends and idols.
In this article, let’s take a look at the Turning Red characters.

#1. Meilin “Mei” Lee

A Brief Introduction Of Pixar’s Turning Red Characters 1Source: Disney/Pixar

Set in Toronto at the early of the 21st century, Mei shares many similarities to the third Asian generation kids in Canada and America. Domee Shi, director of the film, somehow portrayed herself and her experiences of an Asian growing up in the West. People tend to have several stereotypes towards kids like her: they always listen to their parents, they always excel at school work and they are religious. 
Mei is seen as a clever student at school and a good child at home. Mei has always been the role model of a smart and well-behaved school girl. Otherwise, she is the biggest fan of boy band 4*Town. Mei and her friends gather to fangirl over these handsome boys frequently. 
After her mother finds out that she has a crush on a convenience store clerk named Devon, she is not pleased with this situation. Later on, when she wakes up in the morning, she feels something strange and realizes she has turned into a red panda. This causes Turning Red’s main storyline of how Mei has to deal with her problems and also the transformation. 

#2. Ming Lee

A Brief Introduction Of Pixar’s Turning Red Characters 2Source: Disney/Pixar

As Mei is the typical Asian kid, her mother is a typical Asian mom. She’s a housewife who works really devotedly to comfort her family members. She contributes her whole life for her husband and kids. For this reason, Ming is kind of pushing and fierce towards Mei for her kid’s own good. She is not only a mother but also a friend to Mei. Finding out Ming is growing up and slightly slipping away from her, she has to take steps to tighten their bond yet understand her daughter much more.

#3. Jin Lee

A Brief Introduction Of Pixar’s Turning Red Characters 3Source: Disney/Pixar

In contrast, her father's vibe is way calmer compared to Mei’s mother. He’s the key person in helping Mei with her red panda powers and supports her to make a choice. Fans claimed he was one of the best Pixar’s dads for his amazing cooking skill and how he handled his wife and daughter’s situation. Understanding and listening are his best personalities.

#4. Mei’s Friends 

Source: Disney/Pixar

The squad consists of the other three classmates of Mei which are Priya, Miriam and Abby. Apparently, they are the Turning Red characters with the most screen time. Even though these girls differentiate with their personalities, they share an infinity love towards 4*Town just like Mei does. Priya, Miriam and Abby also give Mei a lot of support and strength to overcome her hardships. They are basically the best buddies a teenage schoolgirl might ever ask for. Eventually, the team has made it to 4*Town’s concert of their dreams. 

#5. Boy Band 4*Town

Source: Disney/Pixar

The 5 members of the boy band are believed to be inspired by *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and popular K-pop acts such as Big Bang, NCT and BTS. Many Turning Red characters aside Mei and her friends find themselves swooning over the group such as Tyler (a bully at school but ends up befriends Mei’s group), Devon and even Mei’s dad. They are a good looking and musically passionate team that capture a lot of fans.
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