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All About Player Number 067 Squid Game |

The Korean drama Squid Game has become one of Netflix's biggest surprises this year. Most of us have seen at least some of the series by now, and we're all eagerly awaiting season two news, which must come at some time, given the show's massive international acclaim. And inside a show with several talking points, competitor 067 Squid Game, a somewhat tragic and multifaceted hero in the story, seemed to have intrigued people the most.

Who Is 067 In Squid Game?

067 squid gameKang Sae-Byeok, or 067 for short, is a North Korean defector who makes her way into the game. She entered the contest so that, if she were to win the enormous money prize, she could free her brother from an orphanage and give them a fresh start.
Even though we only know that she and her brother are the only surviving members of her direct family and that she had ties to the mobster Jang Deok-Su, we do have some idea of her background. Other players only knew her as 067 for a large portion of the games, giving her the impression that she often played alone. But the games do shape her, and she evolves as they progress, coming to trust others and displaying a rock-solid moral compass.

Why Is 067 Important In Squid Game?

Player 067 represents moral decision-making, like the previous series of characters.067 squid game
Kang's self-protectiveness contrasts Seong Gi-(No. hun's 0456) collaborative efforts. Kang is reluctant to join teams and points out collaboration's flaws: you can't trust a single "teammate"—everyone will betray you. Cooperative and non-cooperative schoolyard death games are common. The players are incentivized to work together (like the bridge or the tug-of-war) or to lie, cheat, and betray one another for private benefit (the marbles).
Seong thinks collaboration is a dominant strategy through heroic optimism or simple ignorance, and individuals won't always act out of self-interest, so it's always feasible. Kang and Jang Deok-Su (gangster 101) think this is nonsense. Cho Sang-woo, Seong's childhood friend, is often undecided but decides egoism is preferable in the final games. In contrast to Seong, Kang doesn't want other players to know her name. (She's nameless for multiple episodes.)
Kang has physically and ideologically joined team Seong by the end of the series. After the most obvious non-cooperative game (the marbles), when Kang's opponent plays cooperatively and sacrifices herself, she reaches a breaking point.

Does 067 Live Squid Games?

067 squid gameShe helps Seong in the next bridge game. End of the game, she's hurt. Seong helps Kang before the final game. (Bending to help injured, aged, or dying people becomes a visual motif of the series; the penultimate scene with a dying homeless man underscores this message.) Kang stops Seong from killing Cho 0218 by telling him, "This isn't you." It's the first time Seong acts antagonistically toward another player, and Kang disapproves. Kang dies, completing her arc.

What Age Is Jung Ho-Yeon (067) In Real Life?

Although Jung Ho-Yeon has a major role in the horror drama Squid Game, this is Yeon's time appearing on TV. Before her Netflix show, the 27-year-old was best known for her career as a successful model. She has appeared on the covers of numerous prestigious publications in South Korea and worldwide. Vogue named Jung Ho-Yeon "Korea's Next Top Model," She has since walked the runway for major designers, including Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and Chanel. In 2020, she decided to enter the acting industry and began filming Squid Game immediately after that for a September 2021 streaming service release worldwide.
A few weeks after the debut of Squid Game on Netflix, on October 4, 2021, she surpassed 13 million followers on Instagram, becoming the most popular Korean actress worldwide.
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