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  1. Top 2 Most Suspect Hats - Which Is The Fakest Among Us Hat?
  2. Which Is More Suspect Among Us Skin?
  3. Which Is More Suspect Visor Among Us?
  4. Other Suspect Among Us Cosmetics (Beside Among Us Hat, Skin, Visor)

What Is The Most Suspect Among Us Hat, Skin, Visor?

Despite the cute appearance of the little crewmate beans, Among Us is a game of psychological mind tricks, manipulation, and sometimes just plain old gut instinct. Whether or not they are aware of it, even a crewmate's appearance (based on Among Us hat, skin) can greatly impact how others see them.
In the last moments of a game, when both teams are evenly matched and there are no clear indicators of which one is the imposter, players may trust their gut. Cosmetics are often seen as harmless accessories, yet they can cause a person's downfall. Some of the most obviously "fake" cosmetics from Among Us are listed here.

Top 2 Most Suspect Hats - Which Is The Fakest Among Us Hat?

1. Crewmate Suit ( Among Us Hat)

Source: Among Us

The Crewmate Suit is a basic accessory, yet its meaning raises suspicion. The Crewmate Suit is free headwear that looks like a zipper, giving the illusion that the player is wearing a costume. This headgear may appear tongue-in-cheek, yet it delivers a message. The Crewmate Suit alerts others that a player is an imposter. The hidden Crewmate Suit cap may encourage others to point fingers right away.

2. Scream Mask (Among Us Hat)

Source: Among Us

Scream Mask is a cosmetic headgear but hides the player's face with a hood. The Scream Mask is a free headwear cosmetic (Ghostface's vibe) from Scream. This cosmetic's suspicion is obvious. Ghostface is a scary murderer in the Scream franchise, so others may point fingers. Combine this with the Scream robes, and you can get suspect from other players.

Which Is More Suspect Among Us Skin?

1. Crewbo The Clown (Skin)

Source: Among Us

Crewbo the Clown is a Trick Cosmicube skin that costs 150 Pods. It's a purple outfit with a red frilled collar to resemble a clown. Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, keeps most individuals second-guessing their clown crewmate's motives. Clowns are known for scaring people instead of bringing them joy. Beware, crewmates; Crewbo may be an imposter in clown's clothing.

2. Police Officer (Skin)

Source: Among Us

Mind games and deceiving are central to Among Us. Wearing the free Police Officer skin makes a player appear authoritative and "good." People use Reverse psychology in manipulative mind games. The Police Officer's skin is a sophisticated attempt to seem like the group's authorized authority, but the player wearing it is the imposter. Combine this skin with the Policeman-Officer cap, and teammates will think you're trying too hard to look innocent.

Which Is More Suspect Visor Among Us?

1. Plagued (Visor)

Source: Among Us

A plagued visor is a free Halloween cosmetic. The Plagued visor was inspired by medieval plague doctors who tried to scare away plague germs and other people. The Plagued visor's dark roots make it suspect. Medieval times and plague doctor masks related to terror and death.

2. Great Goalie (Visor)

among us hatSource: Among Us

Halloween's Great Goalie visor is free. It's presumably an allusion to Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. The Great Goalie visor is evil-looking even without the Friday the 13th connection. While it may seem like a simple costume, the person costumed as a terrifying murderer is often the killer.

Other Suspect Among Us Cosmetics (Beside Among Us Hat, Skin, Visor)

Bedcrab (Pet)

among us hatSource: Among Us

Bedcrab Pet Bundle costs 30 Stars. Bedcrab in Among Us is charming, yet it's modeled on Half-horrific Life's headcrabs. The Bedcrab is a formidable alien adversary in Among Us. Anyone who befriends the Half-Life spider-crab hybrid is terrible news.

Spooky Woods (Nameplate)

among us hatSource: Among Us

Most gamers don't put much care into nameplates. They may still influence how crewmates vote. All players' nameplates are visible during voting/meetings. Trick Cosmicube sells the Spooky Woods nameplate for 50 Pods. This strange nameplate may give other crewmates a lousy impression of players. Nameplates are visible at every meeting and can affect other crewmembers long-term.
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