Dog Owner Puts Up Sign Warning Passersby Not To Fall For Dog Faking Own Death, Hilarity Ensues

Dogs will do everything for a snack, including breaking into kitchen cabinets and giving you the puppy dog eyes. However, one dog's response to being denied treats is so extreme that her owner has put up a sign cautioning onlookers not to be fooled by her showy behavior. The notice was put up on her owner's front lawn and published by u/micindra on the "What's Wrong With Your Dog" topic on Reddit.

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On the sign, the owner notices people not to be alarmed if they encounter a small dog near the sign; the dog is not lost. Their dog does not enter the house just because they don't give her one of her treats. At that time, they've run out of sweets. They asked people to move on if they see her lying on the road, acting like she's been run over and pretending to be dead. She is just seeking pity because she hasn't received any treats. In the backdrop, the dog can be seen curled up into a ball, appearing distraught.
The most common dog treats are cookies, biscuits, and nibbles, according to a 2020 poll of dog owners in the United States. Nearly 50.6% of dog owners gave their canine companions these treats, while 46.9% also provided dental care treats. Owners offered their pets dry treats in about 46.9% of cases and bones in about 31%. Over 16.2% of dog owners created goodies for their canines, whereas 3.9% gave their pets no treats.

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The sign was thought to be humorous by Reddit users, as seen by the post's nearly 45,000 upvotes. A user shared a little-known fact about dogs is that they are intelligent enough to feign injuries if they believe it will garner their attention. It proves that your dog's thinking is more complex than most people realize.

And many interesting similar stories were revealed by the community.

The account Cynformation told about his tiny dog who scales one of his narrow staircases to the couch or bed and makes a threat to leap off when he's angry. To save him, they must always go running.

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In the story of the user funktheduck, he once knew a large, sluggish dog who would pretend to limp in order to avoid going for a walk. The dog initially deceived him since he had a broken leg as a stray that had improperly healed. However, the limp would disappear if you told him, "No, we're walking," and then started moving. When the weather wasn't to his standards, the limp invariably surfaced.

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Cold_Gold_2834 has a tiny Yorkie who got a leg injury, so she received a lot more attention from other people. Following that, she would approach individuals and bring her leg up like it was a gimp leg as she drew close. She always received compliments and extra pets as a result.

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Do you have such ridiculous stories of dogs pretending to get what he wants? Don't hesitate to share with us!
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