10 Celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents That Certainly Make You Say Wow

We often only appreciate our favorite celebs’ talents such as acting, singing, or just being famous. But, celebs are just normal people – have hidden talents that seem to be strange at first glance but are fascinating. Some famous people who are even supposed to be a little boring, have secret talents hidden up their sleeves ready to pull out when necessary. These amazing skills are worth showing off at parties, TV Shows, or even on the red carpet.
For example, Kesha crafts art from human teeth, or Ellen Page juggles oranges professionally. While many stars are willing to showcase their talents to the public, some definitely missed their calling. Below are celebrities with impressive talents that have absolutely nothing to do with why they’re famous people.

#1 Margot Robbie is a tattoo artist

Source: @DavidAyerMovies

Outside of her successful career, Margot Robbie is an amateur tattoo artist. On the set of “Suicide Squad”, the actress has completed over 100 tattoos but she admits they are not actually beautiful. But at least, she’s honest about her side-hustle.

#2 Angelina Jolie is master knife-thrower

Source: angelinajolieofflcial

While on the set of “Tom Raider”, Angelina Jolie learned about knife throwing. Once, on “The Conan O'Brien Show”, Jolie was able to test her knife-wielding abilities—to a completely silent audience.

#3 Geena Davis is an archer

Source: Ron Galella

Geena Davis has portrayed many demanding roles in her acting career such as baseball catcher, pirate queen, and so on. However, her greatest athletic challenge came in her life when she became an Olympic-caliber archery champion at the age of 41.

#4 Pierce Brosnan is a fire-eater

Source: piercebrosnanofficial

Pierce Brosnan joined in on a crash course on how to eat fire, taught by a street performer. He had made a couple of public fire-eating performances and even cluded his skill on his CV.

#5 Leslie Mann is a unicyclist

Source: Wikipedia

Leslie Mann shared with Oprah’s Magazine that at age 10, she taught herself how to use a unicycle. Now, she can do all kinds of tricks like jumping off curbs or cycling backward.

#6 Kendall Jenner masters bird sounds

Source: kendalljenner

In James Corden's Hidden Talent Show, Kendall Jenner went on stage and showed off her hidden talent for bird sounds. She chirped like a Disney bird.

#7 Justin Bieber masters Rubix cubes

Source: Pinterest

Justin Bieber has a passion for Rubix cubes. He has mastered solving a Rubix Cube in a speedy one minute and 23 seconds.

#8 Christopher Walken tames lions

Source: britannica

For many, the lion is a ferocious specie but for Christopher Walken, they are like house cats. At 16, he worked in a circus as a lion tamer and performed with a lioness named Sheba. He said she was so sweet and nice.

#9 Aaron Paul is a dog whisperer

Source: Wikipedia

Aaron Paul has tremendous talent. He can identify the sex of a dog by petting its back. The Kimmel team had to put this talent to the test, and it turned out he guessed four of the four correctly.

#10 Kesha is a teeth crafter

Source: iiswhoiis

Kesha had a weird idea, creating clothing and jewelry made out of teeth when a fan sent her human teeth through the mail. She made a bra, necklaces, and earrings before being scolded by the treatment center.
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