Elementary School Teacher Photoshops Classic Disney Characters Into His Life And The Result Will Leave You In Awe

When people love some movies, they may want to be a part of that movies. Some people love to live in such a world, make friends with the main characters, and experience the journey altogether. But have you ever imagined what it would be like to share our reality with our favorite fictional characters? With help of modern technology and a great passion for art, Samuel answers this question with his hilarious creations. He used Photoshop to insert iconic Disney characters into his pictures. Indeed, this man seems to have the time of his life hanging out with his favorite Disney characters.
It’s no doubt that the artist's life could be pretty fun through his photos. It’s certainly an amazing experience when we have a chance to live with our favorite characters. Now, we don’t have to imagine anymore because this naughty teacher just took it to another level, and perhaps everyone can’t wait for them. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Work hard everyday with your favorite Disney characters

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Being asked about the toughest part of the Disney series, he said, “The biggest challenge with these photos is creating good lighting and shadows for the characters.” If you do it correctly, the characters appear to be in the scene with you. The most rewarding aspect is seeing how people react when I post a photo. I enjoy seeing how many people enjoy something I’ve created.”

#2 This teacher is highly talented gotta say

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#3 Wait a minute! You need glasses

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When it came to his ideas and inspiration, Samuel doesn’t hesitate to share what inspires him to take more photos for the series.
“The first thing you need is a good photo idea. Sometimes I’m doing everyday things at home and suddenly I’m inspired to create a photo. Other times, inspiration comes from watching Disney movies.”

#4 This is too cute to be ignored

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#5 We all wish that somehow we could get Simba

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#6 Don’t worry I got it

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“When I know what photo I want to create, I just have to use Photoshop and create magic. The first thing I do is find the frames I need in the movies to create the characters. Then I take the photo at home with my camera, and then I present the characters created in the photo using Photoshop.”

#7 This is truly amazing

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#8 Chilling time with mates

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#9 This is what it would have been like living with Disney characters

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“After spending years posting photos on Instagram, I realized that I was bored of posting the same photos as everyone else. One day I decided to create a photo with Disney characters because I love the combination of live-action and animation. A People loved the photo and I decided to do more.”

#10 I hope you win this dude

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The artist revealed a bit about the process of his photos last time, so we asked him how long it takes to edit an image from start to finish.
“Two or three hours when the photo is simple and has few characters. Four or five hours if the photo is more difficult. It is difficult to calculate the time because I am creating them little by little, every day I do one thing”.

#11 Real man comes great responsibility

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#12 Look at what I have done,  it's a masterpiece, isn't it?

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#13 Just a classroom in which I want to be in

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He found the motivation of being an artist and also shared about it.
“I am still inspired because with every photo I create I learn something new. I like to learn new things and I still have a lot to learn. Creating these photos helps me improve my Photoshop skills.”

#14 Wouldn’t it be great to have a birthday party with them?

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#15 Just imagine watching titanic with your favorite Disney character

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The creative process is an essential part of every piece of art,  and he shared what the most satisfying part of the process was.
“I think my favorite part is searching the movies for the frames I need. I look at the movies to research and find the frames I need to create the photo, and I have a lot of fun with that part.”

#16 Emotional damage

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#17 This is amazing

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#18 Are you laughing too?

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#19 When Aladdin is there to complete all of your chores

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#20 Everybody wants cakes from them

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When Samuel claimed that as an artist, he was quite young and his journey is still going on.
“My father bought a Photoshop program when I was a teenager. He was always editing photos and I liked what he did. So one day I decided to do the same.”

#21 What is going on here?

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#22 He knows when and how to photoshop

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#23 Caption this

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“I want to thank all the people who see my photos and share them with other people. Thanks to them my photos have been seen by many people around the world and that makes me very happy.”

#24 It ain’t that easy living with these Disney characters

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