Top 5 LGBT Anime Movies And Series You Should Totally Dig In

The same-sex relationship have long been anime producer houses’ favorite theme. There is no boundary for Japanese animators to try with LGBT anime.
Out of hundreds LGBT anime dramas, which are the top 5 worth watching? Let’s find out in this article.

#1. Yuri!!! On Ice (2016)

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The show tells the story of figure skater Yuuri whose goal is to win the Grand Prix Finale. Inspired by the young man’s skills, Viktor Nikiforov, who is a world champion several times, flew all the way from Russia to Japan aiming to coach Yuuri and give the junior more of his experiences. Its main theme is focused on sport and the couple’s loveline development. The series instantly caught attention from its first air. It was appreciated for its warmhearted storyline as well as perfect visuals. As a consequence, it became a symbolic show from MAPPA and made the studio relevant. 

#2. Bloom Into You (2018)

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Unlike Yuri!!! On Ice’s theme is sport, Bloom Into You is a purely LGBT anime work. It is about the journey of Yuu Koito on finding her true self. Set in a high school, it’s about the difficulties of youngsters in discovering their orientation and how they overcome those. Receiving a high school boy’s declaration of love helped her recognize what she was really into. Which was not him. It was not until she met with Toukou Nanami, a girl schoolmate, that she realized she had feelings toward Toukou. Afterwards, the couple struggled with a lot of problems and hardships since they did not accept themselves at first. This series has become essential for its typical script as many people from LGBT community find sympathy from the characters.

#3. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

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When most LGBT anime movies and series attempt to have homosexual/bisexual main characters, this movie differentiates itself with a transgender drag queen. Transgender men and women are not usually potrayed with solemnity on cinematic projects. In contrast, their roles are mostly to entertain and bring laughter. However, Tokyo Godfathers is a touching story of three homeless people finding parents for an abandoned baby. These include a middle-aged alcoholic man, a transgender woman and a young girl who escaped her home. It was awarded many times and exported to America and other countries. 

#4. Given (2019)

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Its main characters are four members from a student alternative rock band. As they were making music, these boys also developed romantic relationships with each other. By that, their personalities were also described with unexpected details. It’s a bright slice-of-life musical themed series that comes with great original soundtracks. Therefore, plenty of fans felt interested in alternative rock after watching the show. 

#5. Wandering Son (2011)

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This series is a standout for telling the story of two trans fifth graders. They are best friends to each other and share the same story: their biological genders are not what they consider themselves to be. As a result, they find it difficult for almost everything: facing judgment from family and outsiders, making friends and even growing. It is a horribly touching story especially for trans people who realized at a very young age. 
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