16 Celebrities Who Hardly Anybody Hates, According To Reddit

In this world of haters, it’s easy to see the unkind words of strangers that cut the deepest, especially when someone is in the spotlight. How many times have you heard your friend or co-worker say: “I hate her. Her face totally bothers me” or “I hate everything he did. He’s so fake”. Even the best thespians in Hollywood, the ones with multiple prestigious awards and universally acknowledge the talent, may not be embraced by all. In fact, many people have awful feelings about celebrities who are horrible and rude people. Despite trying to look nice in the media, some celebs behave so badly.
Fortunately, plenty of famous people are really nice, always treat those who surround them with respect, and sometimes give off positive energy. Additionally, they’ve perfectly fulfilled their roles in most of the movies they star in and gained remarkable achievements in their careers.
According to Reddit, we've rounded up some celebs who almost no one will get mad at.

#1 Steve Buscemi

Source: Jason Mendez/Everett Collection

During 9/11 the man went down to his old firehouse and volunteered. A fucking hero! No one can hate him. (pazuzusboss)
I went on the day tour of Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly. They leave you alone with an mp3 player and headset, with an audio tour narrated by Steve Buscemi, who tells you where to go next and talks about the history and trivia of the place. Really wild, as I was not expecting to hear Steve Buscemi talk about cell blocks that day. (Aitrus233)

#2 Sir Terry Pratchett

Source: Viki Sanders

Amazing writer and generally an all-around nice guy but also not a pushover. (Awesomevindicator)

I had a close friend turn on him when he came out as pro-euthanasia. Broke my heart to hear it. I had the good fortune to meet him or hear him read multiple times and he was grand to us, even when telling us off. (TheColorWolf)

#3 Hugh Laurie

Source: Getty Images

I’ve only ever heard good things about Hugh Laurie. (TonyDanzer)
I worked on House for 4 years and can confirm Hugh is wonderful. One year he gave everyone on the crew an electric scooter. The next year he gave everyone a guitar. Kind, funny, and didn't like anyone making a fuss over him just because he was the star of the show. (TheRealMarklar)

#4 Julie Andrews


I met her and had a cup of tea with her in her house. Every bit as charming and as personable as you could ever imagine. The definition of a class act. (phatelectribe)

#5 Christopher Lee

Source: Getty Images

Christopher Lee. Fought in WWII, played Dracula, a wizard, a Sith Lord, and many other roles. He also was in a metal band. (Icy_Wildcat)

#6 Brendan Fraser

Source: brendan__fraser

The video of him at the autograph signing of him tearing up when the girl says he made her childhood great gets me every time. (Legitimate-Frame-953)

#7 John Candy

Source: Steve Schapiro

I like John Candy. My wife likes John Candy. My customers like John Candy. 'Cause he's the real article. What you see is what you get. (Semi-Pros-and-Cons)
By all accounts, very loved and respected. He's definitely a “he parties way too hard” kinda guy… but yeah, I doubt anyone hated him. (MyCollector)

#8 Alan Rickman

Source: ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

Alan Rickman made an ahole like Snape somewhat likable. But honestly, never heard anyone say anything bad about him. But I am young, in relative terms, to his career (BurnBabyBurn07)
One of the world's best actors. He could make a villain disgustingly likable eg: Hans Grouber and Snape. (Guava7)

#9 Maggie Smith

Source: Getty Images

She was truly amazing as McGonagall. "I've always wanted to use that spell". Pure joy every time I hear that. (lokopo0715)

Even though I hardly know anything about her, I feel strangely confident that she is a wonderfully amazing and interesting individual. Just thinking about her makes me smile. (KingDrool)

#10 Dame Judy Dench

Source: Wikipedia

I never see anyone talking any shit about her. She's renowned for her acting and her personality all things considered. (Misterwuss)

#11 David Tennant

Source: david.tennant__

David Tennant is probably one of the sweetest human beings who have ever walked this earth. (GildaMundson)
Met him several times as his sister was a teacher at the special education school that I worked in, in Scotland, a lovely bloke, always super happy and cheery, and was great with all the kids. (ghildish__cambino)

#12 Rick Moranis

Source: wiki fame

The guy gave up his acting career to be a full-time Stay-At-Home Dad when his wife died. (Davi_323)

#13 LeVar Burton

Source: Disney Wiki

LeVar Burton. Great actor, host of a treasured children's show, and never involved in any kind of drama from what I can remember. (sudo999)

Not only the host, but I'm pretty sure about ~10 years ago he bought the Reading Rainbow brand and relaunched it as an app. I'm sure there's money to be made there, but he seems genuinely passionate about exposing children to literature. I met and spoke with him for a few minutes at a Star Trek convention around the same time and he seemed like a genuinely decent human being. (vrtigo1)

#14 Mr. Rogers

Source: muc fandom

I'm a cynic and for a long time I thought there had to be something bad there but at this point, if he had so much as hugged someone in a slightly creepy way we would have heard about it I think he might have just been an incredibly nice Guy. (lundewoodworking)

#15 Steve Zahn

Source: IMDb

I've never heard a bad word about him, he plays quirky parts, and my stepdad went to high school with him. (Zealousideal-Way-838)

#16 Dolly Parton

Source: dollyparton

Dolly has an amazing sense of humor and is so approachable and kind. When there was a fire in pigeon forge TN and many were displaced she gave families money for a certain amount of time. It didn’t seem like much per family but in rural TN esp in the residential areas, there’s a lot of poverty so prices aren’t as high there. Also, she is unafraid to advocate for so many causes and groups. She is a DOLL. She’s part of TN that I’m not ashamed of. She will definitely speak to you if you ever meet her. Love her! I’ve said it already but her humor is the best. (poizyn64)
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