8 Best Funny Anime To Watch With Your Friends

Here are the top 8 best funny anime to watch with your friends
Anime may bring a great laughing time for everyone who needs one. What is the greatest comedic anime series ever produced?

1. Golden Time 

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Golden Time is an anime about the friendship between college student Tada Banri and the stunning but mysterious Kaga Kouko, as well as his new college companions. It is a romantic comedy with periods of serious drama. In the past, Banri experienced a catastrophic accident that left him with severe memory loss about who he was previously. This accident is where most of the drama in the program originates. However, Banri's friends are always there for him, prepared to generate wholesome and chaotic moments that are what give the program its heart. This is especially true anytime Banri feels torn about his decision to forge a new life for himself in college, leaving behind his old self.

2. Hi Score Girl 

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This Netflix Original series might be perfect for anime fans that miss the '90s in general or even simply old video games. The video game enthusiast Haruo Yaguchi, who aspires to be a professional gamer, is the focus of the show, as is his rivalry with the wealthy and reserved Akira Oono, the only Street Fighter 2 player at their neighborhood arcade who can defeat him. Hi Score Girl is a jovial romantic comedy, and the supporting cast is so endearing that they start to eclipse the main characters. The animation in the program has a distinctive CGI look that distinguishes it from other programs of its kind.

3. The Devil Is A Part-Timer

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The Devil is a Part-greatest timer's strength is its ridiculousness, which should be clear from the title alone. The program is about a demon who is left helpless in the real world and needs to earn a living; it is not a metaphor. He starts working at a fast-food restaurant that seems disturbingly familiar while he is posing as Sadao Maou. Surprisingly, Maou is motivated by the job to advance professionally and rule humanity. The funniest scenes in the program occur when the devil is forced to deal with the annoyances of everyday life despite having recently been an extraordinarily strong immortal being.

4. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is the ideal program for fans who appreciate quick-witted comedy with frequent jokes. The episodes of the show are broken up into little chunks of no more than five minutes each, most of which can be appreciated as a stand-alone episode. Even those portions are so quick that it's simple to miss gags and need to replay. Saiki Kusuo, a high school student determined to hide his great supernatural abilities and lead a normal school life, is the focus of the show and follows his escapades. His buddies are working against him; they constantly manage to unintentionally get him into more trouble than the ordinary superhero ever does.
5. Aggretsuko Brings Death Metal To The Comedy Scene

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Take Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist as one example. Now change Zoey's traditional Top 40 sound to death metal and imagine her as an anthropomorphic red panda in her 20s. Aggretsuko, a comedic animation by Sanrio, is the outcome. Retsuko, 25, vents her daily workplace frustrations by singing death metal at a karaoke bar. After slogging through each day for five years, she makes a number of adjustments to improve her life, including a decision to be married. Retsuko has great pals that enable her to express her emotions in a strange world where people tell her there's no tea in their tea, comparable to previous live-action comedies.

6. Maid-Sama! Delivers Teen-Based Comedy At A Former All-Boys School

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The genres of romance and humor frequently coexist, with Maid-Sama! serving as a prime example. The main characters of this teen love comedy, Misaki and Takumi, attend a former all-boys school that recently became coed. Misaki performs as one of the best students in her school despite being ambitious and rigid. She also works at a maid cafe, though, to help take care of her sick mother. Takumi doesn't tell his peers about her secret when he learns about it. He keeps it to himself instead and frequents Misaki's cafe. The two eventually fall in love while coping with Takumi's royal heritage.

7. Prison School

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Prison School can't really be put into words. It belongs to a distinct category called NSFW. To sum up the story, five filthy lads are sentenced to a month in jail for peeping on several girls as they had showers. And somehow, once they were in prison, they started to become even more repulsive. The anime series is like a boys' locker room. There is therefore no shortage of fetishes in your face, sexual innuendo, or fanservice. The show also addresses the most pressing issues facing humanity. like which is better, boobs or butts. The genuine questions, you know.
8. To Be Hero


The first is a regular plumber. Pretty attractive, yet lethargic with a dash of sleaze. Okay, a sprinkle plus. He spends his days pursuing women and bragging about his superpower, which is the capacity to instantly determine a woman's hip size. However, as it turns out, he suddenly has abilities after pulling a Mario and falling through a pipe (a toilet pipe to be more precise). The only drawback is that his daughter no longer recognizes him because he has grown obese and unattractive. You must have a different taste if "sucked down a toilet to obtain superpowers" doesn't sound like a good old comedy! is a website that provides you with Entertainment information and creative ideas to refresh your days. To know more about funny movie and news updated, visit our site daily. 
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