At-The-Dog-Park Story: Letting Puppy Off-Leashed And Leaving Unattended Baby Carriage, Reddit Decides Who's To Blame

Canines are known to be playful and active, thus many countries' domestic animal departments have published the rule of taking pet dogs out for a walk frequently. Plus, there are high-fenced playgrounds for these fun-loving creatures. Nonetheless, non-pet families sometimes don't understand well about those areas, which can lead to pitiful and even terrible outcomes. We expect it is helpful to share this story from a dog lady who had trouble at an off-leash dog area. Please scroll down for the whole context!

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The original poster with her account name u/Responsible_Owl_1051 pinned her experience on the salty subreddit r/AmItheA**hole to detail that her furball was well educated not to disturb other people. One afternoon, she walked her pup out to the nearby dog park and released him for a while so that he could freely run and play after checking that the area wasn't loaded.

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Suddenly, the dog hit an unguarded baby carriage with a baby inside onto the floor. As the child's mom was running and screaming toward the dog, the OP apologized to her sincerely. However, the mom didn't cease her anger and accused her of being a neglectful owner with a vicious canine, which started to annoy the OP.

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Redditors' responses mostly sided with the OP. It was obviously idiotic to leave a baby unwatched no matter where they were. They expected it was the parents' responsibility to guard their children against the dangerous world, not the world's job to take gentle care of them. Also, Reddit emphasized even adults had to watch their steps in the dog park unless they wanted to get chased around and knocked off by excited furry beasts.

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People commented that the mom was just projecting her guilty feeling upon the OP. They reckoned the OP was polite because she understood the mom's fear, but the OP should have told her as well how lucky her baby was because if the dog had been as aggressive as she claimed, she couldn't imagine what would have come to her child.

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Others replied to speak their point of view on how authorities should manage the public areas for pets with strict rules and staff since it wasn't enough to just rely on citizens' awareness. They desired what was built for pets should be used for pets, not as an extended playground for careless people.

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