The 25 American Unspoken Rules You Should Know And Follow

Over the years, the USA has drawn millions of travelers. With its distinctive blend of small-town appeal and big-city bustle, as well as skyscrapers and forested mountains, the United States never has dull moments.
But regardless of whether we're talking about serene parks or busy metropolises, there are some "unwritten rules" everybody should know to make the most of their time in the United States, especially for the very first time. 
Are these American stereotypes? Well, it might be true in regards to some US social customs. Some are summed up from what local people (and other travelers) have experienced.
We know every traveler's worst nightmare is accidentally insulting a native. Still, with just a little bit of light study, you can easily avoid these embarrassing situations and leave a good lasting impression. Some heads-up are also included to make you a “wise consumer” America - the land of the free.
So, if you truly want to act like a native on a trip to the US and feel as American as possible while you wander through New York or Los Angeles, here are the 30 American unspoken rules you should know and follow.

#1 Americans are some of the most generous people I’ve ever met.

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#2 What If you drive five hours

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You drive five hours in the US: you’re basically still in the same place.You drive five hours in Europe: everyone’s talking funny and the cheese is different.

#3 Everyone has their own quirky Thanksgiving traditions and we love sharing them

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#4 The local burger shops are better than the regional burger chains which are better than the national burger chains.

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1. Come to America just before Thanksgiving.2. Casually mention to American acquaintance that you’re alone on Thanksgiving.3. Accept immediate invite to whatever Thanksgiving gathering is being held

#5 Don't get out of your car if you're pulled over by the police unless directed to do so.

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#6 While walking down the street, people will randomly make eye contact and then smile. No, you don't know them, this is just their way of being polite. They expect you to smile back and then break eye contact.

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#7 Tax is added to the shelf prices at the checkout.

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#8 When we say, "How's it going?" we don't need a literal answer. It's just a greeting. I went to college with a guy from Germany and this confused him quite a bit when he first got here. He thought people wanted to know about his whole day.

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#9 Each state has its own driving laws.

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#10 Always get health insurance unless you wish to be bankrupt. The US healthcare system is insanely expensive.

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#11 In 98% of areas you go to, you’ll need a car. The 2% where you won’t are NYC, Boston, Chicago, and DC.

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#12 If you find a Mexican or Asian place/truck where they don't speak english. The foods gonna be good as f**k.

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#13 24 hour Diners. According to stuff I read in Reddit, our diners are legendary.

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ETA: I’m American and I eat at them a lot. I was just surprised how much visitors from other countries love our diners so much

#14 Do not under any circumstances try to bribe a cop depending on where you come from that might seem odd but trust me you will get in trouble if you try.

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#15 Food and drink portions are HUGE. Order a Coke at a sit-down restaurant and you'll likely get about 32+oz. And when it's mostly gone, they'll just bring you another one.

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Food and drink portions are HUGE. Order a Coke at a sit-down restaurant and you'll likely get about 32+oz. And when it's mostly gone, they'll just bring you another one.Mexican restaurants tend to give you 40+oz glasses of your drink.And speaking of Mexican restaurants... They'll bring chips and salsa until you can't even stand up anymore. Then they'll bring your entree


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It isn't like the movies and TV shows, which tend to show southern California or New York City. The country is incredibly diverse in environment, political beliefs, accents, economics, etc. If you drive from one side of the country to the other, you will encounter so many differences you won't believe it's the same country. Sometimes you don't even have to drive to see these differences.If you expect Times Square but fly into North Dakota, you'll be in for a rude awakening. If you visit the beach of Baywatch, you'll be shocked that instead of Pamela Anderson running in slow motion you'll see 100 overweight, middle-aged couples eating fried chicken. If you go 2 blocks off of the Las Vegas Strip, it turns into a regular city... and if you go two blocks in the wrong direction, you may fear for your life. If you think you'll see movie stars in Hollywood, you'll be surprised that it's mostly a disgusting area... and you can go from a ghetto-like environment to the fanciest of fancy Beverly Hills by crossing the street.

#17 The McDonalds is not the same as in your country and will most likely make you sick.

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#18 You can't drive across the country in 12 hours.

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#19 Drinks come with ice by default.

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#20 Personal space. Do not get right up behind someone standing in line, if you're lucky you'll just make them uncomfortable, unlucky and you may find yourself in a fight.

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#21 The CD is not free, never accept something from someone on a street.

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#22 Food portions are huge, but anything you can't finish can be packed up for later. You just need to ask.

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#23 Most Americans are quite friendly and helpful. That most of them are truly interested in hearing all about you and your country.

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#24 In the US, we leave tips for food servers at restaurants and resorts. It's not automatically included.

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#25 Personal space.

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Americans do not want to be touched. We want to know every single thing about you because we find foreigners fascinating (most of us love foreigners and are simply curious), except for how your breath feels on our face. We have bubbles that must be respected. That is probably why Americans are "loud," we just simply stay farther away from each other.
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