9 Celebs' Items People Bought At A Ridiculous Price

The days when people would pay enormous sums of money for celebrity memorabilia seem to be a thing of the past now that the coronavirus shutdown is bringing us closer to the greatest depression and has left many of us wondering how we will be able to manage our finances.
However, we can still cast our minds back to those far-off eras when people went on eBay to place bids for a half-eaten lunch that Miley Cyrus might have gotten her teeth into or one of Harry Styles' old sweaty clothes. We can do this because we can still think about those times. Scroll down to see the list of the nine celebrities' items people bought at a ridiculous price.

1. John Lennon’s toilet

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John Lennon was a pathological liar, wife beater, and music legend for The Beatles and his solo career. The celebrity sing-a-long to Imagine was one of the cringiest moments of the coronavirus period. When Lennon sang "Imagine no possessions" from his mansion, he may have known someone would pay $11,773 for one of his old toilets. This pricey toilet was at Lennon and Ono's Tittenhurst Park residence from 1969 to 1972. Lennon gave it to his builder to use "as a plant pot" when he acquired a new one.

2. Gene Simmons with Kiss coffins

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Kiss lead vocalist Gene Simmons loves money more than rock 'n' roll, making his band the Krusty, the Clown of rock music — eager to endorse tacky stuff if it brings in the cash. In 2001, they launched the Kiss Kasket. This $3,300 casket featured group photos and the band's emblem.
Kiss lovers could also store their ashes in band-branded urns. Simmons claimed the Kiss Kasket "makes the alternative look pretty damn good" at the introduction, and commercials suggested those who bought one but didn't die could use it as a drinks cooler. Pantera's 'Dimebag' Darrell died in a Kiss Kasket.

3. Elvis Presley's hair

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Elvis Presley's hairstyle was famous. Even while his ducktail and quiff defined the 1950s, that doesn't explain why anyone would want to buy his dead hair. Homer Gilleland, who clipped The King's hair, sold his clippings at an auction in Illinois in November 2002. Keeping someone's hair that long is odd, and you're right. It would be creepy if you wanted an ex's hair to stroke and grieve every night, but selling it is no better.
Buying someone's hair is also odd, so the anonymous buyer looks bad here. The clippings came with letters from Gilleland, Presley memorabilia expert John W Heath, and hair collector John Reznikoff. At $115,120, it's the most expensive hair ever auctioned.

4. Russell Crowe’s jockstrap

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Russell Crowe was a sex symbol when he appeared in Gladiator in 1999, but by 2018 you'd expect fewer bidders. The star sold the sweaty protection in a 'divorce auction' of his stuff. The jockstrap for sale was one Crowe wore in 2004 for Cinderella Man, although we hope it was washed. Crowe expected to collect $500 to $600 for it, which seems selfish, but it sold for $7,000, so he was selling himself short.
The buyer was an English TV celebrity who claimed he acquired it for a struggling Blockbuster video store to use as memorabilia to attract consumers. Whether they desire those clients is another story.

5. Justin Timberlake’s French toast

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One of Justin Timberlake's followers, from his days with NSYNC and his solo music and movie career, paid over $1000 for French toast he touched. The cook burned the toast during Timberlake's 2000 interview with Z-100, so he didn't eat it. After the interview, the DJ posted the leftover toast on eBay, exhibiting real American entrepreneurship. Given Timberlake's boy-band phase at the time, it's hardly surprising that NSYNC fan Kathy Summers, 19, wanted his uneaten bread the most.
Summer told the journalists after claiming her 'gift', "I'll probably freeze dry, seal, and put it on my dresser." NSYNC disbanded in 2002 as Timberlake went solo after this uplifting narrative.

6. Jennifer Lawrence’s sports bra

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Jennifer Lawrence gained stardom by playing Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movie trilogy, but many of her admirers are more thirsty than hungry, as seen by the 2013 sale of one of her old sports bras. The sports bra was one of the numerous items she wore while filming the Silver Linings Playbook on sale in Los Angeles.
The auction took place just after she won her first Oscar, which may explain the feverish bidding, or it might be because many males worldwide had money to burn and wanted one of her bras. The sports bra raised $3,175 of the $12,000 total from clothing sales. The auction house owner said global bidding had been "furious," and those who lost undoubtedly were too. These guys should get a girlfriend instead.

7. William Shatner’s kidney stone

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When Captain Kirk sold his kidney stone on eBay, the most amazing thing wasn't the money it made but that the buyer wasn't a sci-fi enthusiast. Shatner placed the stone in 2006 to donate money to Habitat for Humanity after falling ill while filming Boston Legal. When he sold the enormous stone, he included surgical tools like the string and stint that helped him pass it. Plenty of people wanted a piece of Shatner, and the lot sold for $25,000.
No trekkers got the priceless stone that night, so they must have been furious. An online casino called Golden Palace bought it and put it to a collection that includes a toasted cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary's likeness.

8. Scarlett Johansson’s used tissue

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Someone bought a Scarlett Johansson sneezed-in tissue for thousands of dollars. This snarky scene occurred before Scarlett was cast as Black Widow in the MCU when she was promoting 2008's The Spirit. She complained of a cold during the broadcast, so Jay Leno gave her a tissue.
Lipstick and nose fluid covered it, making most people want to throw it away. Instead of keeping it, the star sold it on eBay to benefit Harvest. It worked, presumably because supporters hoped to clone her Sheldon Cooper-style. The winner paid $5,300. (yes, we are assuming it was a man). He may be laughing last with his Hollywood star clone wife.

9. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s breath

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The Police sang "Every breath you take," but not "I'll bottle and sell on eBay." In 2005, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had their first kiss. Joe Wilson and Pam DuMond, the Celebrity Air Collection Squad, waited for stars at the Mr. and Mrs. Smith premiere on June 7, 1999. Jolie and Pitt gathered air from the red carpet and sealed a container. What if they both held their breath? What if they farted before sealing the jar? Wilson and DuMond may have missed a trick by not classifying it as a Hollywood star fart.
As it was, they called it 'Celebrity Air' and said it might not be Pitt or Jolie's to comply with eBay laws against selling something whose existence cannot be proven.
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