10 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Anime Characters

As a child, most of us were attracted by the beauty and glamour of Disney Princesses and wished we could emulate their looks in any way. However, how would you feel if we said that Disney Princess could look like any of the anime characters? It’s impressive, isn’t it? Our beloved princesses already resemble anime characters, having small noses, wide eyes, and round faces.
Some talented artists turned our favorite Disney characters such as the lovely mermaid, Ariel, or the powerful princess, Ellsa, into anime style and we can’t take our eyes off them. However, it’s only a tiny deviation from the anime aesthetic in these works of fan art. today, we give you some fantastic anime-inspired art pieces of popular Disney princesses as anime characters.

#1 Belle

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, BelleSource: DuckLordEthan

The artist for this art is DuckLordEthan. He made Belle’s expression more interesting. What’s more, the “Beast” was redesigned to be far more man-elf, so when looking back at the male character, he looked more handsome.

#2 Elsa

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, ElsaSource: Ayasal

We are seemingly familiar with Elsa, a cool princess, so it must be a surprise if the princess is more lovely. Artist Ayasal is so talented when remade another version of Elsa.

#3 Merida

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, MeridaSource: runawaywithyou

The artist with an account named runawaywithyou spent eight hours redesigning Merida in the movie “Brave”. Her hair is the source of a lot of animation work.

#4 Snow White

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, Snow WhiteSource: Ayasal

The author of the art of Elsa did a version of Snow white. Snow White's long hair is gorgeous and her dress is even more elegant than it is in the film. She is surrounded by her animal friends.

#5 Anna And Elsa

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, Anna And ElsaSource: SilverChaim

Anna And Elsa, two princesses in the series “Frozen”, put on schoolgirl uniforms thanks to Silver Chaim. The artist used colored pencils, gel pens, and erasers to complete her work.

#6 Mulan

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, MulanSource: DuckLordEthan

This art was made by the same person who did the anime Belle fan art, DuckLordEthan. As he did with Beast, he remade Mulan's prince: Shang. Additionally, Mulan looked prettier than the original version.

#7 Princess Magical Girls

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, Princess Magical GirlsSource: cherrycheezy

The magical girl is one of the most popular genres in the anime world. It features young girls who transform into heroines fighting crimes to save the world. This adorable picture was designed by an account named cherrycheezy.

#8 Ariel

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, ArielSource: kgfantasy

The account, kgfantasy, did fan art for mermaid princess Ariel. Although Ariel is beautiful and lovely in the Disney movie, she looks even more adorable in anime style.

#9 Jasmine

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, JasmineSource: HiroSenpaiArt

HiroSenpaiArt is the author of this art. Princess Jasmine looks enchanted and the gold light coming from the carpet is gorgeous.

#10 Aurora

Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, AuroraSource: DuckLordEthan

The artist DuckLordEthan remade another princess, Aurora, and her three fairy godmothers. The fairies had outfits and wings that were much more reminiscent of anime “Sword Art Online”.
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