9 Celebrities Who Have Problematic Siblings

Though they come from the same family, these famous people's siblings may not be so well-adjusted. These celebrities.all had brothers and sisters, proving that sharing a last name and a bloodline does not imply success, sanity, or even the ability to respect the law.
In today's world, the definition of success is often associated with money. People with more money are regarded as more successful. The same rule applies to the world's celebrities. Their talents can be worth billions of dollars. It is also natural to assume that because these superstars are so wealthy, their siblings must be as well. Regrettably, this is not the case.
These celebrities' siblings have demonstrated that having a wealthy brother or sister does not guarantee infinite wealth. Continue reading to learn more about some of the world's most famous people and their troublesome siblings.

#1 Dave’s brother - murder

Rapper Dave, real name David Omoregie, received the Mercury Prize for his debut album Psychodrama in 2020 and later appeared on Netflix's Top Boy. However, his older brother, Christopher Omoregie, was imprisoned in 2010 for the violent stabbing of Sofyen Belamouadden in London's Victoria Station.
A gang of 20 youths kicked, punched, and stabbed the 15-year-old kid nine times in an attack characterized as "ferocious and brutal." Omoregie, who was 18 at the time, was convicted of murder and sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in prison. Londoner Dave sparked outrage by putting his brother's voice on Psychodrama's opening track before rapping that he is "the only person I ever f***ing idolized" and "my hero."

#2 Leonardo DiCaprio’s stepbrother - petty criminal

Source: Xposure

Adam Farrar, Leonardo DiCaprio's stepbrother, has a long history of drug addiction and petty larceny. Adam, a former actor, developed an addiction that led to a series of supermarket thefts, and in 2016, he fled after stealing £800 worth of items from a store. He claimed that despite growing up together, his famous step-brother turned his back on him after his arrests.

#3 Reese Witherspoon's brother - sexual assault

Source: reesewitherspoon/Instagram

In October 2002, the actress's older brother, John Draper Witherspoon, was charged with aggravated burglary and sexual battery. In Nashville, Tennessee, Witherspoon's neighbor accused him of breaking into her home through an unsecured door while she was sleeping and sexually abusing her while she was still drowsy. John, who was struggling with alcohol at the time, received probation for the incident.
However, Reese, 45, has maintained a close relationship with her brother, and in April she uploaded a photo of the two of them to commemorate National Siblings Day.

#4 Christopher Nolan’s brother - ‘contract killer’ plot

Matthew Nolan, the brother of Interstellar filmmaker Christopher Nolan, was allegedly involved in a horrific contract-killer plan in Costa Rica in 2005. Costa Rican authorities claimed that the Brit was recruited by jeweler Robert Breska to assassinate his accountant, Robert Cohen after £5 million was stolen from him.
Matthew was accused of impersonating Cohen and employing a hotel bellboy to kidnap, torture, and murder him. The bellboy was found guilty of Cohen's kidnapping and murder, but Matthew fled to the United States before being tried.

#5 Mariah Carey’s sister - former sex worker

Mariah said in her memoir that Alison tried to pimp her out when she was 12 and threw a cup of hot water over her, which Alison disputes. Mariah, 51, previously stated that she has "forgiveness in my heart" for her siblings, but she has no intentions to meet with them.

#6 Meghan Markle’s brother - homeless

Meghan's brother, Tom Markle, was homeless and impoverished after his divorce from his fiance last year. The 54-year-old said he was tired of his sister donating to charities while her own family was in need. After his life "came apart," he was forced to live with his elderly mother, and he claims his mental health has deteriorated since Meghan met Prince Harry.

#7 Madonna’s brother - homeless and alcoholic

The Queen of Pop has built a £620 million fortune, but his older brother Anthony Ciccone's life has spiraled out of control due to his alcoholism. Despite his family's repeated offers of assistance, Anthony, 65, accused his megastar sister of being unconcerned about his condition. He eventually sought help from a groundbreaking rehab clinic for homeless addicts that allows clients to sip alcohol while gradually decreasing back.

#8 Gordon Ramsay’s brother - drug addict

Source: News Group Newspapers Ltd

The TV chef has opened out about his attempts and failures to assist his younger brother to overcome his lifelong drug addiction. Ronnie, 53, began using drugs as a teenager and has been homeless several times throughout his life. He was detained in Indonesia in 2007 for heroin possession. In a 2017 documentary titled Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, the Hell's Kitchen star stated that witnessing Ronnie's descent into addiction impacted his view about narcotics early on.

#9 Cheryl's brother - homeless

Source: Instagram / cherylofficial

Andrew Tweedy, Cheryl's brother, was living in a tent and dependent on handouts after splitting from his girlfriend. The 41-year-old, who has struggled with alcohol addiction, said he was at his "lowest point ever," despite his famous sister previously paying £20,000 for rehab to help him.
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