9 Times Celebrities Were Sued By Riciculous Reasons

People around the world are in awe of celebrities. A favorite star is someone we admire but have never met. We can chat about them for hours when we see their movies or listen to their music. They're the subject of blogs, books, and media attention regularly. How do you react when you believe your favorite celebrity has failed to meet your expectations? Most of us would either be dissatisfied in silence or vent our frustrations on social media.
Then we'd carry on with our day, muttering something like, "That's awful. While some individuals believe that celebrities should pay for their mistakes and disappointments, others believe that the justice system should be used to do so, regardless of whether or not the celebrity was genuinely to blame.

1. Skrillex

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Sometimes concerts are risky. Between the crowds, local sight, strobing lights, and loud sounds, it's easy to get hurt. That happened in 2014 at a Skrillex concert. Jennifer Fraissl was in the audience when Skrillex jumped off a DJ table onto her, triggering a stroke. The jurors disputed with Skrillex's counsel that the footage shows no touch between him and Fraissl. Skrillex, his tour company, and the venue paid Fraissl $4.5 million in damages. Skrillex responded admirably, saying his top priority was fan safety and enjoyment.

2. Lil’ Wayne

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Lil' Wayne is a well-known Rapper. He was a rap superstar from 2009-2014. Parents tolerated him, and kids and fans liked him. His graphic tunes, linguistic twists, and humorous rhymes put him on top. One fan didn't like Wayne in May 2012. Alfred Marino alleges one of Wayne's 'team' hit him with a skateboard during an argument. Marino wanted to photograph Lil' Wayne outside a Los Angeles business.
He claims Wayne's security broke a skateboard over his head after being forced to put away his phone and called some ugly names, knocking him out and leaving him with severe vertigo. Then he sued Lil' Wayne for the stressful and unpleasant occurrence as a former admirer.

3. Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber was once considered the safest star. The Canadian dreamboat had sugar-pop love tunes, large eyes, and charisma. Girls of all ages swooned over him, buying his merchandise, albums, and tickets to sold-out concerts. At a concert in Oregon in 2010, Bieber climbed into a heart-shaped metal gondola and was pulled over the audience, leaning out to wave to supporters below. Stacey Betts, a stay-at-home mom of five, came with her daughter.
Betts claims Bieber's waving whipped the mob of girls into such a frenzy that their shouts reached "unsafe levels," reverberating off the metal heart and severely damaging her hearing. She claims to have tinnitus, a terrible ear disease. Betts claims hearing loss and lower quality of life. Betts requested $9 million for her suffering. [4] Case dismissed.

4. Miley Cyrus

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Many of us remember Miley Cyrus as her Disney Channel alter ego, Hannah Montana (and our hearts). Miley was introduced to the Entertainment profession young by her father, country artist Billy Ray Cyrus. Her benign beginnings haven't kept her out of media and fan turmoil. Miley made a "Chinese eyes" face in a 2009 snapshot. Miley was pictured with a group of friends, pulling their eyes to the sides.
Only one person in the photo wasn't pulling their eyes: a young Asian man who was allegedly being teased. The obscene photo sparked a lawsuit. Los Angeles housewife Lucie J. Kim reportedly sued the Disney teen for $4 Bil. Not only for herself but for the 1 million Asian Pacific Islanders in Los Angeles. Miley's net worth is only 160 million, or 4% of the desired figure.

5. Usher

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You've probably heard of Usher, whether you like his music or not. Usher has been around for a while and has established himself as a brilliant musician and agent for up-and-comers. Usher is also renowned for a lawsuit brought against him in 2017 by three people claiming he gave them herpes. Quantasia Sharpton, an unknown guy, and another anonymous woman are suing the R&B star for giving them herpes.
Usher settled a similar claim out of court for $1.2 million in 2012, despite refusing to comment. The anonymous 2012 plaintiff is a celebrity stylist and ex-lover. Sharpton and the unidentified couple demanded unspecified damages and court fees.

6. Jessica Simpson

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A paparazzo attacked Jessica Simpson outside a New York hotel. The paparazzo took a few shots and left; such is fame. Simpson took the photo from a rag site and posted it to Instagram a few hours later. You'd assume she could because it's her photo. Her face! According to the paparazzo and his employer, Simpson stole the photo when she posted it on Instagram because he took it. The corporation claims $20k in damages. They don't legally own her face, but they'll make her pay for reclaiming it.

7. Snoop Dogg

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Imagine you're at an artist's concert. You rush to the stage and hug them in excitement. Several security personnel attacks you from the wings, causing serious injuries. Richard Monroe Jr. was grabbed by security after he tried to hug Snoop Dogg onstage during a concert. Monroe was unconscious and carried offstage.
He woke up backstage, face swollen, in a pool of blood. Monroe sued for 22 Million in damages but was given just under 500 thousand after the jury concluded Snoop wasn't totally to blame. Monroe says he feels close to Snoop after spending days with him during settlement negotiations. Despite the circumstances, he was thrilled to see Snoop in court.

8. Bon Jovi

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Bon Jovi is a successful musician. Bon Jovi, an '80s star still successful today, needs no ethical guidance. He's still touring and releasing new music. Why steal a song? Bon Jovi did it, says Samuel Bartley Steele. In 2007, after releasing "I Love This Town," Bon Jovi faced a $4 billion lawsuit by Steele, who says Bon Jovi stole his "country rock tribute" to the Boston Red Sox and passed it off as his own.
Steele even brought a musicologist to testify that they were the same tune, but the musicologist said they were nothing alike save for the words "love" and "this" in their titles. His lawsuit was dismissed, but he persisted. Steele appealed to take on the singer again.

9. Taylor Swift

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Pretty girls continuously featured in magazines, billboards, and social media attract weird people. Most are innocuous admirers who compete for your attention with presents, pranks, and social media. How do you handle a stalker? In 2015, a fan tried to drag Taylor Swift into court to garner her attention. Russell Greer, a Swift admirer, penned "I Get You, Taylor Swift" over two years and sent it to Swift's representatives.
The agents delivered courteous but stern rejection letters because of copyright concerns. Greer sent Swift's family mail and gifts, begging for the song. He sued her for $7k for the negligence of duty and mental distress when that failed. When the lawsuit was dismissed, and Swift's family called Greer's efforts "troubling" and "intrusive," Greer got hostile and sued her again, this time for $50 million, to force her to acknowledge him.
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