Netizens Disapprove Of Recruiter Who Rejects Redditor After Ensuring Her Job Two Times

Most of us have experienced thousands of interviews before landing a decent job. Though generally, this recruiting stage tends to stress us out, some recruiters even drive candidates mad.


Sharing to the subreddit r/recruitinghell, a woman under the nickname u/soundboythriller complained about her terrible day with an awful recruiter. She posted several screenshots, with the first one including the conversation between her and the human resource staff after her first interview. With a casual and inappropriate tone, the recruiter gave myriad praise to the candidate, and she asserted that the Redditor was likely to become an official employee. However, according to the hiring process, the poster had to pass the second interview.

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The next message was sent the last Thursday before the scheduled Monday. The HR staff continued confirming the poster’s position in the company. She ensured that the applicant would receive the offer at the meeting Monday.
After a few days, the recruiter suddenly informed the poster that the company would not hire her. It seemed like the COO had changed his mind and turned the candidate down.

Source: r/recruitinghell

The email shocked the Redditor as she firmly believed she would secure this job according to what the recruiter had told her. She felt as if the HR staff intentionally deceived her and made her under the delusion of getting the job.

Source: r/recruitinghell

In response to the post, many Reddit users criticized the unprofessional manner of the recruiter. It would be weird of her to ensure the candidate a job without an offer letter. Giving the applicant too much hope before rejecting her would make her more disappointed and upset.

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Do you think the recruiter was in the wrong? Have you ever gone through a terrible recruiting experience? Please share your stories with us in the comment below!
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