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  1. #1. Who killed Jiraiya?
  2. #2. Which episode Jiraiya dies?
  3. #3. How did Jiraiya Death?
  4. #4. Will Jiraiya get revived? 

4 Secrets About Jiraiya Death That You Don’t Know

Jiraiya Death was one of the saddest in the Naruto franchise. That actually made fans couldn't hold back their emotions when faced with the demise of Naruto's teacher. 
Here are 4 secrets about Jiraiya Death that you don’t know. 

#1. Who killed Jiraiya?

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From the moment he departed Konoha on his dangerous mission, Kishimoto began to drop clues regarding Jiraiya's death, but none thought he would actually kill Jiraiya. As it turned out, he actually did. He was murdered by Jiraiya's student Nagato Uzumaki. Jiraiya loses her life while trying to sneak into the Rain Village to find out more information on the Akatsuki. Jiraiya's sage form is defeated when Pain calls the Six Paths of Pain to stop him after seeing his entrance into the village. He gave Fukasaku the responsibility of telling the Hidden Leaf about his realization that he could conquer Pain as he lay dying.

#2. Which episode Jiraiya dies?

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Jiraiya dies in episode 133 Jiraiya and Nagato's reunion was not a happy one and the two engaged in a battle that resulted in Jiraiya’s death. Jiraiya's time in Naruto: Shippuden was unfortunately cut short.  In the sixth season of the anime, Jiraiya traveled from Konoha to Amegakure on a mission to sneak into the village and find Akatsuki leader Pain. Soon after, Jiraiya runs into Pain and learns that the Akatsuki leader is none other than his old protege Nagato, whom he groomed similarly to Naruto and took under his wing.

#3. How did Jiraiya Death?

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As Jiraiya and Akatsuki leader Nagato fought each other, the latter unleashed his Six Paths of Pain which proved too much even for an accomplished ninja like Jiraiya to overcome. During the battle, Nagato’s Six Paths of Pain severed Jiraiya’s arm and crushed his throat before impaling him in the back multiple times with a volley of black chakra rods. In the moments before he died, Jiraiya used the last reserves of his energy to write a coded message on his toad friend Fukasaku’s back that would provide Naruto with clues as to Pain’s real identity.

#4. Will Jiraiya get revived? 

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Jiraiya makes a comeback in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 132, "Jiraiya's Assignment,". This is where Boruto and Sasuke travel back in time (despite the fact that she wasn't revived during the Fourth Great Ninja War).
Boruto meets a Genin Naruto who has previously received Jiraiya's training in an effort to better synchronize his chakra with Naruto's. Furthermore, in Boruto episode 214, "Predestined Fate," it is revealed that Kashin Koji is a Jiraiya clone. Kashin Koji, who was developed by Amado, continues to be a significant character in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Kashin Koji succeeds in upholding Jiraiya's legacy with his comparable variety of ninjutsu, although not being able to equal Jiraiya's charisma.
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