11 Ridiculous Mistakes In Animated Movies That You Might Have Missed

Making a movie definitely takes a lot of time, money, cooperation, planning, and attention to detail. However, occasionally even the best producers, editors, or performers can't spare the movie from a few errors, no matter how carefully they prepare. And big studios like Disney and Dreamworks are no exception.
Sometimes, there are continuity errors, in which objects suddenly appear, or disappear. Other times, there are inaccuracies in the audio, the story, the characters, the location, and more. However, does it really matter if the crown of Aurora magically changes among scenes? Is it really such a big deal if in "Toy Story 3," if the lettering on the side of the box disappears after it is placed in the children's room?
Although these little details don’t make or break a movie, they’re certainly worth mentioning. So here we are now, ready to take you on a journey through some of the errors in cartoon Movies that you might not have spotted. Yes, there are so many that this list will only touch the surface of the problem.

#1 Beauty and the Beast

Source: Beauty and the Beast

"Beauty and the Beast" was the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars because of its popularity. During the first song, when Belle enters the bookstore, the book she brought there, becomes purple.

#2 Sleeping Beauty

Source: Sleeping Beauty

One of the most iconic scenes from the Disney classic "Sleeping Beauty" is when Aurora places her finger on the spindle of the spinning wheel and sleeps off. There is a continuity error at this point because the princess was wearing a fully smooth crown prior to falling. However, a few seconds later, it begins to glow.

#3 The Lion King

Source: The Lion King

Many of us have seen "The Lion King" several times. Though few have noticed it, Zazu's paws instantly plunge into the water as Simba and Nala begin to tease and make faces at him during the song "I Just Can't Wait to Be a King". But in the following image, they can be seen on the ground.

#4 Frozen

Source: Frozen

"Let It Go" is a pivotal song for both the film and Elsa's story in "Frozen". However, we may overlook a small mistake. When the princess leaves her hair loose during her reveal, she pulls her braid from back to front and to the other side, but not over her shoulder.

#5 Aladdin

Source: Aladdin

"Aladdin" was one of Disney's biggest hits of the 1990s, when the company was at its peak. Even if you've seen the film several times, you might not have noticed the small mistake made when Jasmine and Aladdin first met. When the princess leaps from one structure to another, her hair is down, the camera focuses back on her, and she is once more wearing a hood.

#6 Moana

Source: Moana

"Moana" is one of Disney's most popular movies. Before and throughout the song that acts as its theme, "How Far I'll Go", you may see one of its small continuity errors. Before she begins singing, Moana throws some splinters into the sand, but as soon as she does, the splinters disappear.

#7 Toy Story 3

Source: Toy Story 3

"Toy Story 3" offers a virtually perfect end to the trilogy and is one of Pixar's greatest successes (although it later added one more). The text on the side of the box in which the toy was found is gone when it is placed in the kids’ room as it is brought to the nursery.

#8 Finding Nemo

Source: Finding Nemo

In "Finding Nemo", the dentist places the tiny fish in a Ziploc to present to Darla. However, when we first see Nemo outside the fish tank, he is in a regular bag.

#9 Despicable Me

Source: Despicable Me

When three girls return to the orphanage after failing in their initial attempt to be adopted by Gru, the duct tape mark on the floor is partly protected from the desk in the opening moments of the endearing story of "Despicable Me". The image zooms in on the sisters' point of view, but it looks much closer than it did before.

#10 Lilo & Stitch

Source: Lilo & Stitch

In the new century, "Lilo and Stitch" is one of Disney's most popular releases. There are some little consistency errors like Stitch eating cake off a dish and it disappearing in the next shot can be overlooked because of the sweet relationship between the alien-turned-puppy and little Lilo.

#11 Shrek

Source: Shrek

We can notice from behind that the "Beware Ogre" sign has some missing wood on the left corner in the first scene of "Shrek". However, while looking at it from the front, the broken corner is on the right.
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