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Real Name Of Money Heist Characters And The Backstory

The offenders in Money Heist are identified by their city code names. The genuine Money Heist character names and their backstories, from Tokyo to the Professor, have been made known via the show's five seasons and two heists. Spain's Antena 3 broadcast the Lex Pina-produced television series Money Heist. The ratings for Season 1 declined. The movie became popular all around the world after being added to Netflix.
After several city-named robbers died in season 1, the Professor took on Berlin's pal Palermo, outside operator Marseille, and specialist welder Bogotá. Money Heist's five parts introduce and develop many characters with backstories. Here's every Money Heist robber's real name and backstory.

9 Most Loved Money Heist Characters

1. Silene Oliveira a.k.a Tokyo

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Tokyo lost her boyfriend during a robbery of an armored vehicle. In episode 5 of Money Heist season 5, Toyko sacrifices herself to save Denver and Manila. Tokyo's mother participated in a sting operation to bring her in unscathed. The Professor warned Tokyo that the police wanted to shoot her. Tokyo's mother died during theft preparations. Tokyo's hotheadedness and audacity make her a captivating Money Heist character.

2. Andrés de Fonollosa a.k.a. Berlin

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Pedro Alonso's character is revealed as the Professor's older brother in Money Heist season 1, part 2. Helmer's myopathy is hereditary. He takes medications to regulate his discomfort and tremors, but he has just three years to live. Instead of lamenting his fate, Berlin chases thrills and money. Tatiana (Diana Gómez) is his fifth wife. Berlin is one of the first-season Money Heist characters who doesn't return.

3. Ágata Jiménez a.k.a. Nairobi

Nairobi's Money Heist season 4 fatality is shocking like Tokyo's. Nairobi's (Alba Flores) tale is about losing custody of her 3-year-old son Axel. Axel went to the balcony after Nairobi left him alone to get some medications.
Nairobi's cache was discovered, sending her to prison and placing Axel in foster care. In Money Heist season 1, Nairobi's objective is to get rich and take Axel back, but she gradually recognizes that he's better off in his new home and sets her eyes on being a second-time mother. In Money Heist season 4, Nairobi is fatally shot in the head.

4. Aníbal Cortés a.k.a. Rio

Money Heist's Rio and Tokyo's love story is wonderful. Rio (Miguel Herrán) was a teen during the Royal Mint theft. The Professor recruited him for his computer skills when he began committing cyber attacks. Rio's parents thought he was playing computer games in his room, oblivious of what he was doing.
After joining the gang, Rio falls for Tokyo, breaking the Professor's first commandment. Rio and Tokyo continue their love story over the five seasons of Money Heist until Tokyo's passing, at which point they bid each other a tearful farewell. Rio is one of the few surviving original gang members from the Bank of Spain robbery.

5. Agustín Ramos a.k.a. Moscow

He was essential to the Royal Mint of Spain heist. Moscow (Paco Tous), a veteran thief, spent much of his life in prison. His main talent is digging. Therefore, the Professor recruits him to dig the Royal Mint tunnel. His top interest is his son, Denver, and he got them both engaged in the robbery after Denver misplaced a valuable supply of pills, placing him in danger from his drug dealers.
After repeatedly putting Denver's mother in recovery clinics, He took her to where she usually obtained heroin and abandoned her. In season 1, part 2, he's shot outside the Royal Mint in Moscow.

6. Daniel Ramos a.k.a. Denver

Denver (Jaime Lorente) has Money Heist's most obnoxious chuckle, yet he's nice. He was born to a drug addict and a criminal. Denver spent his childhood fighting everyone who tried to bother him, and as an adult, he adopted his parents' criminal lifestyle. He was detained for fights and drugs before losing his pill stockpile.
Moscow asked the Professor to make an exception to his rule against personal ties for Denver. Denver falls for season 1 hostage Mónica Gaztambide, who joins the crew for the rest of season 1's robbery and seasons 2 and 3.

7. Bogotá Money Heist Is One Of The Beloved Money Heist Characters

money heist characters Bogota Money Heist
Bogotá (Hovik Keuchkerian) was recruited for Money Theft's Bank of Spain heist owing to his metallurgy skills. He has seven children with different women worldwide but only visits them once every six months. At Berlin's fifth wedding, he met the Professor and Marseille. During preparations for the Bank of Spain heist, he develops deep feelings for Nairobi.

8. Marseille Money Heist

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Marseill is a cool-headed operator engaged in the Bank of Spain heist. He manages communications between the Professor and the police. Despite being new to Money Heist's red-jumpsuit gang, he's a significant player. Marseille's wartime buddy was a pet dog. After the war, Marseille drank his sorrows away at a tavern with his dog until it was killed by local children playing war. Marseille won't even operate on a dead pig

Sergio Marquina, a.k.a. The Professor

Money Heist Characters

Professor (lvaro Morte) is the last guy anyone would think of masterminding a theft. Sergio used the alias Salva Martn in Money Heist season 1 to befriend Raquel Murillo. Sergio spent his youth hospitalized due to sickness.
His mother died of Helmer's myopathy, while his father died in a bank robbery attempt. Sergio spent his life polishing his father's idea for the perfect heist: laying siege to the Royal Mint and manufacturing his own money, so he would steal from no one and damaged no one. After this initial heist, the Professor plans the higher-stakes Bank of Spain job in seasons 2 and 3, which he also wins.
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