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  1. The 7 Best Armors In Fallout 4

Which Is The Fallout 4 Best Armor? Top Armor Sets In Fallout 4

Getting through Fallout 4's post-nuclear wasteland has a lot of effects. Medical supplies, a reliable gun or two, ammunition for those guns, and, of course, a Fallout 4 best armor to protect the survivor from the claws, energy blasts, bullets, and other things that want to end the adventure through the Commonwealth.
The most important word here is "good." In ruined America at the war's end, not every piece of armor is the same. And because there are so many choices, a little bit of advice can help a lot when deciding. So, here are the five best sets of armor that caps can buy in Fallout 4, along with the five worst sets that you should never buy. Note that this list only talks about real armor sets. The ballistic weave is usually worn under clothes that have been changed, and power armor is in a league of its own.

The 7 Best Armors In Fallout 4

7. Rescue Diver Suit

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The Far Harbor DLC unlocks this beautiful suit. It's more mobile than the Power Armor and allows players to explore underwater places without coming up for air. It has low Damage and Energy Resistance but 250 Radiation Resistance. This increase helps players in high-radiation and unclean underwater environments. The Changing Tides mission unlocks the Rescue Diver Suit.

6. Apocalypse Armor

Apocalypse Armor is great for combat-heavy players. This set has a chest plate and a left greave, yet their effects and advantages are so potent that players can double their combat presence by wearing them.
The chest plate's Martyr effect slows battle when the player's health is below 20%. This is paired with the left greave's Bolstering effect, which boosts energy and damage resistance as health drops (this can stack up to 35). The Apocalypse armor chest can be obtained from a Scribe assigned to an armor emporium and the helmet from a Vault-Tec Rep working as a general trader.

5. Combat Armor

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Combat armor is the "middle of the road" set that may give decent protection at any time in the game, as long as players swap out the pieces for their higher-tiered variants. Common parts provide ballistic and energy protection. The heavy torso slot makes the survivor appear like a bipedal turtle, but there are worse things in Fallout.

4. Mechanist's Armor Set

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Mechanist's Armor transforms the player into a 1950s-inspired robot. It's like an old toy and recalls an old Science Fiction movie. Armor and helmet give 85 Damage and Energy Resistance. It's ideal for firefights with adversaries. It raises Intelligence and Charisma by 1. It's a little bit nice boost. Complete the Restoring Order quest to receive this fantastic armor.

3. Synth Armor

Synth armor's sleek, futuristic look is similar to combat armor. It offers slightly better protection from all sources. The armor can be obtained from synth warriors. Set up a fourth-tier armor dealer in one of your communities, or see The Institute's synth requisition officer. Synth armor fits seamlessly in immersive mods.

2. Fallout 4 Disciples Armor

fallout 4 best armor Best armor Fallout 4
The Disciples' armor isn't susceptible to energy weaponry, unlike ordinary metal armor. It has slightly stronger energy resistance than the other two raiders clan-specific armor sets introduced with the Nuka-World DLC, surrendering little ballistic defense. Disciples Metal Armor is best taken from dead disciples. However, it can also be bought from Nuka-World sellers. Who cares? Watch this armor work with a couple of fusion cores.

1. Marine Armor Is The Fallout 4 Best Armor

Marine Armor provides the best protection, excluding power armor. This outfit offers better damage protection from all sources and some radiation resistance. The whole set may be obtained by completing DiMA's Best Left Forgotten questline. It can be bought bit by bit from Nucleus sellers or taken from Children of Atom fanatics. This suit is great for power mods.
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