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  1. Who Is The Best Dragon Ball Character? Top 7

Who Is The Best Dragon Ball Character? Son GoKu Or Vegeta?

Even though Goku is a household name and is supposed to be the best Dragon Ball character, numerous characters from the Dragon Ball franchise have gained the adoration and love of the fandom. On August 19th, 2022, fans of Dragon Ball are eager to witness what fresh and thrilling adventures their favorite characters will embark on in this next movie episode, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.
As a result of Piccolo's rumored transformation into a new form, his fame and fan base are predicted to soar to new heights. Still, other prominent characters from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z will not be easily outdone.

Who Is The Best Dragon Ball Character? Top 7

7. Bulma Is One Of The Most Beloved Dragon Ball Female Characters

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Dragon Ball's Bulma journeys with Young Goku to find the mystical Dragon Balls so she can wish for a boyfriend. Bulma is a genius inventor and the heiress to Capsule Corp., a world-famous tech and invention corporation. She routinely invents solutions to difficulties she and her companions face.
Bulma's exchanges with the naive Goku were some of the funniest in Dragon Ball. Without Bulma's inventions, the Z-Fighters wouldn't have developed in Dragon Ball Z. Bulma makes Dragon Ball.

6. Freeza

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Freeza subjugated and used the Saiyans to conquer and destroy numerous planets. He meets Goku and the Z-Fighters on Planet Namek while searching for Namek's Dragon Balls to give him more strength than Earth's.
All prior antagonists, like Vegeta and Raditz, were under Freeza's leadership. His fight against Goku following the Freeza Saga is the longest anime fight at 4 hours and 13 minutes.

5. Piccolo

Demon King Piccolo's reincarnation retains resentment for Goku's Dragon Ball loss and death, promising to murder him. Piccolo reluctantly joins Goku and the Z Fighters to confront the Saiyans when Goku's brother Raditz reveals their plan.
He stands in for Goku even though he is under no responsibility to guard or train Gohan. Even after Goku was revived and given back to his family, Piccolo grew closer to Gohan than Goku did.

4. Future Trunks

Trunks utilize the time machine invented by Capsule Corp. to cure Goku's heart condition and save the world from Androids 17 and 18. Trunks learn that tampering with time can have deadly consequences.
Future Trunk's debut in the series, with his perfect and near-instantaneous destruction of Freeza and King Cold, significantly boosted Trunk's popularity. Trunks, Vegeta's son, has a tremendous desire to get stronger, which drives him to fight Androids and Cell.

3. Son Gohan

Son Gohan is Dragon Ball's main character's son. Gohan's childhood is split between his mother, Chichi, and his father. After Goku's death, Gohan, a frail kid, trains under Piccolo and becomes a powerful Saiyan.
During the Cell Saga, Gohan is shown to have tremendous development potential, becoming the youngest Super Saiyan at age 9 and the first Super Saiyan 2 before Goku and Vegeta. Teen Gohan's defeat over Perfect Cell is one of the franchise's best fights.

2. Vegeta

Vegeta is a haughty and arrogant Saiyan whose strength matches his confidence. After defeating Freeza, Vegeta decides to stay on Earth, where he mocks Goku (Kakarot) in one of anime's best rivalries and fights alongside the Z-Fighters.
Vegeta is arrogant and conceited but more relatable than Goku. Vegeta is a hard-working character, unlike Goku, who always seems to have a new power. His intense work ethic and single-minded pursuit of strength earned him sympathy.

1. Son Goku Is Undebatably The Best Dragon Ball Character

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Son Goku is a kind-hearted, simple-minded person who appreciates a good fight and a big supper. Goku's great power and sense of responsibility to protect his family, friends, and the helpless lead him to place himself on the front lines of battle.
Goku is a household name, and anime and cartoon fans often wonder which heroes could defeat him. Goku's fame is so tremendous that even individuals who have never seen the series recognize him. His popularity has carried Dragon Ball for decades.
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