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Who Is Desaad? How Strong Desaad Is? |

Who is Desaad in Zack Snyder's Justice League? The redux of 2017's oft-maligned film, will bring one of the DC Universe's most cruel, sadistic villains – a despicable monster. Desaad's reputation as a torturer and sadist is unparalleled in DC annals – to the DC Extended Universe in 2021.
Even those unfamiliar with Jack Kirby's New Gods of the Fourth World will recognize him as one of its most long-running villains. We're talking about 'Big D,' the man himself.

Who Is Dessad?

desaad Source: DC
Apokolips' DeSaad is one of Darkseid's most depraved henchmen, a tormentor who uses unimaginable suffering and terror to break the will of any who oppose him. Suppose the Marquis De Sade author's name sounds familiar. In that case, he was a notoriously passionate and libertine figure from the 17th and 18th centuries, whose name is the source of the term sadism.' One of the author's most notorious works of debauched fiction was titled Justeen, and DeSaad even had an assistant named Justeen at one point.
He's also Superman's archenemy, visiting Earth and working with the Man of Steel's enemies elsewhere. He's also targeted SHAZAM! and the Marvel Family before DC started using SHAZAM! as the hero's name and magic word), and he's turned Billy Batson's sister Mary Marvel evil.
After seeing what he witnessed while temporarily wielding the terrifying Omega Force, even the Lord of Torture was shaken to his core. He decided to give it back to his master, Darkseid, who he had previously sought to overthrow.

How Strong Is Desaad? Desaad Powers

There weren't many special abilities for DeSaad in Jack Kirby's original New Gods universe. He only used various weapons and torture devices. As well as using wicked super-science for cloning and brainwashing, he successfully took control of Mary Marvel's mind. Alternate-reality Earth-2 DeSaad can manipulate and control his opponents' emotions and uses this ability to torture and brainwash his victims.
In Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman imagines a Superman-dominated future in "Knightmare." Darkseid seems to control him. Part of this plot is based on Earth-2, where Apokolips's forces kill Superman and bring him back as Darkseid's unstoppable enforcer.

Desaad Name Meaning

Darkseid's chief torturer, DeSaad, takes his name from Marquis de Sade. When Justeen worked for DeSaad, it was a nod to de Sade's novel Justine, but she had little in common with the titular character.

Who is The Strongest Dessad Son?

desaad Darkseid Son
ORION, Darkseid and Bekka's kid, is perhaps the most important and disobedient. Jack Kirby's character Orion, transported to New Genesis in exchange for Scott Free as part of "The Pact," grew lured to the New Gods. Through his Mother-Box, he befriended their order, earned allegiance to High-Father, and controlled his rage.
Orion grew up to be the Dog of War, a famous fighter in the New Genesis universe. To stop Darkseid from getting more powerful, he went to Earth and joined the Justice League, where he became a key ally. Fans were upset that Wonder Woman had to bring him back to life after he died during the Final Crisis.
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