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Alex Dunphy And The Modern Family's Information

Who is Alex Dunphy? The second daughter and middle child of Claire and Phil Dunphy is Alexandra Anastasia "Alex" Dunphy. Alex is Claire and Phil's most intelligent and successful child. Her younger sister, Haley, is a shallow slut, while her older brother, Luke, is a funny prankster. In this article, we'll learn more about Alex and her family in The Modern Family.

Modern Family Characters - Dunphy Family

Alex Dunphy - Ariel Winter

alex dunphy Source: The Modern Family
Alex is younger than most of her relatives, yet she's smarter and better read than Manny and Mitchell ("Other People's Children"). As an overachiever, she uses sarcasm and disdain, yet nobody appreciates her humor. She's also competitive, like her mother Claire, because she's not used to losing.
She takes more care in her academics than Haley or Luke, and she rarely has meltdowns about it, except in "Under Pressure," when she rages at her birthday party and after Claire discovers that Alex has 6 hours of AP homework. Alex broke down and hugged her mother after Claire stated, "I don't know how you don't have a meltdown every day."

Phil Dunphy (Alex Dunphy's Dad) - Ty Burrell

alex dunphy Potraying By Ty Burrell
A "cool dad," as Phil calls himself, A committed husband and father, he adores his wife Claire and makes every effort to spend quality time with his three children, yet he frequently fails. "Peerenting" is a term he coined to describe a parenting style that combines talking like a peer and acting like a parent ("Pilot").
As in "Fulgencio," Phil is shown as a kind person who always chooses the high road in dealing with obstacles, except when he is pushed to his limit, as in that film. Phil's desire to be his children's best friend often goes awry, especially as they approach adolescence.

Grace Dunphy - Grandfather Of Alex Dunphy

nullBesides being the mother of Phil Dunphy, Grace Dunphy was also the wife of Frank Dunphy, the mother-in-law of Claire Dunphy, and the grandmother to Haley, Alex, and Luke Dunphy on Phil's father's side. Although she has never been seen on the show, she has been mentioned in multiple episodes.

Luke Dunphy (Alex Dunphy's Brother) - Nolan Gould

The younger brother of Haley and Alex Dunphy, Lucas Philip "Luke" Dunphy, is the third and youngest child of Claire and Phil Dunphy, despite being the tallest.

Claire Dunphy - Julie Bowen

alex dunphyThe elder sister of Mitchell and the daughter of Jay and DeDe Pritchett is Claire Melinda Dunphy. She is the mother of Haley, Alex, and Luke as well as the wife of Phil. Prior to joining her father's firm, Pritchett's Closets & Blinds, in the fifth season, Claire was a stay-at-home mother. She eventually took over as CEO of the business before leaving to pursue a senior vice president position at Organize 'Em, her favorite chain of organizing stores.

Haley Marshall (Alex's Sister) - Sarah Hyland

The wife of Dylan Marshall and the mother of his twins Poppy and George Marshall, Haley Gwendolyn Marshall (née Dunphy) is the oldest child of Claire and Phil Dunphy. She is also the older sister of Alex and Luke. Since the start of the series, Haley has held a variety of occupations, and she currently serves as a style editor for the absurd Internet lifestyle company NERP.

Frank Dunphy - Fred Willard

Frank "Frank" Dunphy was the father of Phil Dunphy. He frequently made jokes with his kid and first appeared in "Undeck the Halls" during a video chat. While on the road, he developed a great bond with his dog, Scout. When Frank went to the Dunphys to deliver the dog in "Travels with Scout," he appeared disturbed since they later learned that he wanted to retain the dog. After he went, Claire also began to miss the dog.
In "The Day Alex Left for College," Frank reportedly worked as a grocery shop employee. He married Lorraine, his second wife, whom he met while serving on a jury in "Frank's Wedding." He almost decides not to propose in "Ringmaster Keith" after learning that Phil didn't like him dating his (Phil's) former babysitter. In the episode "Legacy" of season 11, Frank passed away from old age.

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