Reasons To Go Watch Animal Kingdom Season 6 Before It Ends

Animal Kingdom is a crime series based on an Australian movie of the same title. It premiered on TNT from 2016 and the final Animal Kingdom season 6 is coming to an end.
Here are the reasons for you to check it out right now.

#1 It’s one of the most notable crime dramas at the moment

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If you’re a fan of crime and action genres, this is the right series for you. Through its six seasons, Animal Kingdom has served several satisfying plots and play scenes. It tells the story of Cody family and their journey in committing crimes such as robbery, drug use, violence and even murder. This genre is definitely not for everyone’s liking unless you got a taste for thrilling Movies and series.

#2 The bad guys are understandable, not hated

Almost every character in this movie is an antihero, except for the…cops. They do what villains would do, killing, shooting, betraying each other. Otherwise, they are somewhat understandable for what they did. There were scars within their past that motivated them to do so. As if they were destined to do so they had little choice and chances to go the other way. The series producers built them with unstable personalities. Yet they still have their likable moments.

#3 There are unexpected twists in every season

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Plot twists are what made this series captivating. You might never expect the next going-ons and the turns would shock you. Everything is not what it seems, especially in this series. What you thought was right could turn out completely differently. Those could be a surprising death, a betrayal or a survival. Once you get attached to the series, it is hard to not keep watching it. 

#4 It is entertaining at its best

Other than action, heist and gun shooting scenes, this drama is indeed a family story. Apart from intensity, it comes along with funny moments as well. These are not burst-to-laughter jokes but more within the family jokes, which make it more enjoyable. The comedic and dramatic moments are well blended in six seasons also. 

#5 The cast’s performance is right on point.

In spite of the fact that the drama and the actors are not nominated in many awards, their performance is appreciable. Out of them, Finn Cole, Ellen Barkin or Shawn Hatosy all deserve more praise for their acting skills. They were able to show different emotions along with thrilling actions. They certainly contributed quite a lot to the success of the drama together with other members from the cast. 

#6 It is easy to follow.

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Animal Kingdom season 6 is on its way to end with only 1 episode left. The six seasons may sound like a lot but it is not too tricky to watch. You may binge-watch the whole series in a couple of days. 
Other than a large number of rom-com, superheroes and horror series, Animal Kingdom is a fresh change you may relax with in your spare time. The wrap of Cody family’s story is scheduled to come out in a few days in the last episode of Animal Kingdom season 6. We will update the latest news and interesting facts of the drama as well as other movies and dramas on
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