12 Best Disney Princess Dresses, Ranked

Most of us dreamt of becoming a princess when being little girls. We immerse numerous interesting adventures that princesses are against the wicked witches or princes bravely rescue princesses.  Disney princesses are beautiful and stand out as timeless classics. The features that make them iconic are gorgeous gowns.
Disney dresses become the inspiration for carnivals, particularly on Halloween. Millions of people all over the world put on Disney princesses to the well-known festivals. Although all the outfits worn by princesses are incredible, some really stand out as truly exceptional. Whether it’s Elsa’s shimmering ice dress or Belle’s golden dinner gown, we’ve rounded up the best of Disney gowns and ranked them.

#12 Anna’s Expedition Look Frozen II

Source: Paw Prints in the Sink

In “Frozen II”, Anne stepped out in her tonal roots with this adventurous cape outfit.

#11 Cinderella’s DIY Ball Gown, Cinderella

Source: Pinterest

Although Cinderella’s lovely pink DIY dress is made by her and her special friends, it makes her so pretty. In the cartoon, it is torn totally by her stepmom.

#10 Ariel’s Nightgown, The Little Mermaid

Source: Pinterest

There is another Ariel dress ranked in the top best Disney princess dresses. Although it is not as gorgeous as others, the pajama dress is just simple but so beautiful. It also matches her red hair.

#9 Snow White’s...Whatever This Is, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Source: Courtesy Everett Collection

The collar is rarely added to princesses’ dresses but we can see it in Snow White’s dress. Its colors are more unique than others.

#8 Briar Rose’s Peasant Costume, Sleeping Beauty

Source: Pinterest

The correct-over-dress look seems to be very popular in princesses’ garments. Although the dress is covered by a few bland colors, it can’t hide her beauty.

#7 Ariel’s Wedding Dress, The Little Mermaid

Source: Pinterest

While many think of Ariel with her seashell bikini top and fins, the lovely princess is also known for her wedding dress. Ariel’s wedding dress, which seems to belong to the ‘80s fashion style, is designed with its puffy sleeves.

#6 Jasmine’s Aqua Co-Ord, Aladdin

Source: Pinterest

Not many princesses can wear a wide jeweled headband, statement earrings, and a heavy necklace, but Jasmine did.

#5 Rapunzel’s Purple Dress and Floral Braid, Tangled

Source: Rapunzel

Rapunzel’s long hair is indeed a highlight of the character, but many can’t take their eyes off her purple dress. It seems to be made from silk and is absolutely suitable for the princess.

#4 Belle’s Yellow Ball Gown, Beauty and the Beast

Source: @kisumirei41

We can’t miss Belle’s yellow ball gown when it comes to the best gorgeous Disney dress. Her dresses paired with yellow earrings make her more stunning.

#3 Elsa’s Ice Castle Dress, Frozen

Source: fanpop

Elsa is the most powerful princess at Disney. She always appears in an ice dress, which has pieces of ice on her corset and snowflakes on her cape.

#2 Tiana’s Fantasy Gown, The Princess and the Frog

Source: Pinterest

Green is a tough color, but Tiana makes neon green look so beautiful. At the end of the movie, she stepped out in a sparkly green dress.

#1 Cinderella’s Magical Evening Dress, Cinderella

Source: Pinterest

The winner in the rankings is Cinderella’s Magical Evening Dress. The dress is iconic enough to inspire many Met Gala events over the years.
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