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  1. 1. Janine “Smurf” Cody
  2. 2. Mia Benitez
  3. 3. Nicky Belmont
  4. 4. Lucy
  5. 5. Craig Cody
  6. 6. Deran Cody
  7. 7. Barry “Baz” Blackwell
  8. 8. Joshua “J” Cody
  9. 9. Andrew “Pope” Cody

Animal Kingdom Casts-Who are they?

Animal Kingdom Casts have gained a lot of audience interest for many different reasons. They are important elements that make this movie gain huge popularity
Here is the detailed information on Animal Kingdom Casts you need to know.

1. Janine “Smurf” Cody

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Janine Cody, known as Smurf, is the tough matriarch of her family and J's estranged grandmother. She is one of the main characters of the show. Smurf is protective of her family and presents a borderline-incestuous love towards them. A seemingly legit businesswoman in Southern California, Smurf is really the provocative matriarch of a close-knit crime family composed of her four grown sons. 

2. Mia Benitez

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Mia Benitez is a young woman who forms a relationship with J when he becomes affiliated with her uncle's gang. At the end of season 2, Mia fatally shoots Baz on behalf of Smurf. Season 3 In season 3, J becomes affiliated with Mia due to Smurf having J pay Pete's gang to protect her in prison. The two become romantically involved, causing J to neglect his relationship with Nicky Belmont while flashbacks identify Mia as Baz's killer.

3. Nicky Belmont

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Holding little to no power greatly contrasted with the power Nicky desired to obtain. Nicky (Molly Gordon), J's high school love, is one of the few characters who has moved on from a difficult past. In light of the fact that she was mostly known as a ride-or-die wild child, this may be considered the best case scenario. She made brave (but foolish) endeavors, but she couldn't compete with others around her. Nicky turned out to be a sweet, naive girl unsuited for the criminal underworld. Her strength may have actually been her conscience, which allowed her to know when to leave.

4. Lucy

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Smurf wouldn't be the only female player of the crime simulation in the male-centric Animal Kingdom. She would face Lucy, Baz's mistress (Carolina Guerra). She blazed a trail as a gang leader and devoted mother, the former enhanced by her icy manner. In contrast to being enlightening, Lucy's struggle to keep her position of tremendous power hardened her. Even those she claimed to love (like Baz), she would turn on them twice in order to maintain her position. Though she was despised and feared for her cunning and persistence, Lucy was unable to live a long life.

5. Craig Cody

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Craig William Cody is the second eldest of Smurf’s sons. He is known as an adrenaline junkie who is addicted to speed and stupidity, and he is one of the main characters of the TNT series Animal Kingdom. Played by English actor Ben Robson, Craig makes his debut in the series premiere episode, “Pilot.”

6. Deran Cody

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Deran Cameron Cody is the youngest of Smurf’s sons. He is known as the baby of the family who likes fast cars, big waves, and wild parties, and he is one of the main characters of the TNT series Animal Kingdom. Played by Jake Weary, Deran makes his debut in the series premiere episode, “Pilot.”

7. Barry “Baz” Blackwell

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Barry Blackwell, known as Baz, is Smurf's adopted son and leader in the Codys' robberies. Despite his quiet semblance, he is manipulative and self-centered. He also had a past relationship with J's mother Julia, before he was born and is presumably the biological father of her son J. He was shot dead by Mia on Smurf's orders, Baz's death was ultimately avenged when J killed Mia and Smurf.

8. Joshua “J” Cody

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Joshua "J" Cody is the son of Julia Cody, and the grandson of Janine "Smurf" Cody. He is the nephew of Andrew "Pope" Cody, as well as the nephew of his mother's half-brothers, Craig and Deran. He begins as the main protagonist of the series

9. Andrew “Pope” Cody

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Silence is the power of Andrew “Pope” Cody (Shawn Hatosy), Smurf’s oldest son and twin brother of J’s mother Julia. Even though Pope has lived with troubling mental health conditions for a large part of his life, he could be considered the family’s backbone.
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