15 Celebrities Who Give Off Good Vibes, According To Reddit

In this day and age, the saying “Well, today is a stressful working day” is so familiar. People are swept into the maelstrom of work that makes us forget to take a step back and enjoy the moment of life. For this reason, most of our lives are seemingly filled with negative energy and we can’t find hidden joy in the dark corners. Fortunately, some ways help us feel better, and one of them is getting good energy from others, especially celebrities.
We are familiar with the images of famous people standing on the stage and encouraging others to keep pursuing their dreams. Their encouragements boost our motivation to cope with the challenges in life. On Reddit, we’ve picked up some celebs who are supposed to give off good vibes.

#1 Dolly Parton

Source: dollyparton

The fact that she could be a billionaire but isn't because of how much she donates lives rent-free in my mind and I love it. (jennybean2442)
She has done so much for the LGBT community, women’s rights, and the African American community. She is a bloody saint. (actioncobble)

#2 Keanu Reeves

Source: Wikipedia

The man deserves all the love in the universe!! The truest gentleman I know by I know I mean I kinda know but highly respect. (cricketyfly)
Keanu seems like a genuinely down-to-earth person. (chill_bamba)
I love Keanu! Wholesome and down-to-earth, you can find stories all over about him! (everosegold)

#3 Jack Black

Source: jackblack

Jack Black went on a Korean game show and it is hilarious. I always watch it when I need a good laugh. (curryp4n)
Jack Black, I think he seems like a chill guy and I super respect how he brings like 1000% to every role he plays. So much energy! He would be such a fun person to meet. (BAPAinPA)

#4 Sofia Vergara

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She is a part of my extended family, what a generous and humble woman. So kind and so hilarious. (isabellla321)
She was offered a lot of money for exclusive access to photograph her wedding (by people of the Us, one of those types), and she said NO and posted them all on IG. Made me like her, even more, when she kept her wedding day more private and did not just think about money. (3girlskitchen)

#5 Robert Pattinson

Source: @evanrosskatz

Robert Pattison seems like a cool dude... but the fact that he invited to dinner with a stalker and then bored her to death and she never wanted to stalk him again. Damn. I wanna hang out with him. (Perless_cucumber)

#6 Tom Holland

Source: tomholland2013

He seems like a fun person to do nothing with if that makes any sense. (rollllllllll_)
I highly recommend reading his GQ interview that just came out. He sounds incredibly down-to-earth. (saucygh0sty)

#7 Danny DeVito

Source: Fandom

I loved him when I found out he took in Mara Wilson while her mother was getting treated for cancer. (IrritatedMango)
I saw him in a hotel once. I got nervous so I just smiled at him, he beamed at me and gave me a massive wave. I know it’s a small thing and I didn’t speak to him. But of all the celebrities I’ve seen, he was genuinely happy to see a fan. (I used to work in the West End so saw loads of celebrities). (cewak12)
I met him once when I was an extra on Deck the Halls, he was such a sweet humble person. He wouldn't sign autographs because he said he's "just a regular person" so instead, he wrote down book suggestions for anyone who asked. (elcasadeltaco)

#8 Dave Grohl

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He's honestly such a great cool guy, met him once after a show in London, he seems like such a regular Joe but even nicer than most and he's so fucking talented. (Pisano87)
He comes across so chill every time I hear him being interviewed. I listened to him recently on a podcast where he was talking about everything in life being an adventure, he has such a positive outlook and it stuck with me. (Leopard_Legs)

#9 Dwayne Johnson

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I feel like a lot of really big, strong guys seem like good people. A lot of the other WWE wrestlers are the same way. They don't have to "project" a macho attitude because they're secure about who they are. And I suppose they're used to being the role of protector, even if it's just looking out for their family. (FailFastandDieYoung)

Met him a few times as a kid. That guy's a sweetheart. Also way bigger in person. (more2cuddle)

#10 Kristen Bell

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I will admit there are times I find her a bit annoying but she does seem level-headed and genuine. (MajesticLilFruitcake)
Both her and her husband. They did some sort of charity fundraiser to have a night of pizza and board games with them and I thought that sounded like an awesome raffle prize. They seem fun. (TenaciousToffee)

#11 Taylor Swift

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I didn't quite like her for a long time, she gave me very fake vibes. I think it was leftover trauma from all the pretty blonde girls that bullied me in middle school. I've made a turn and find myself liking her more and more. (Unreasonableberry)
I work in Entertainment and I have several friends who’ve worked for her on tour and they love her. She’s one of the best performers to work with and treats her technicians with respect. (BackstageLeft)

100% this is the right list for Taylor Swift. She is so sweet with her fans, writing them handwritten cards, and picking out and wrapping presents. She's quietly generous and supportive of the underdog. Everything people have said about meeting her in person is that she's so dang nice. (karikit)

#12 Adele

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I see is a chick I'd get along well with! She's funny, has no filter most of the time, and is so down to earth, I like her a lot. (Questions_It_All)
I love Adele. Her music is so classy, yet she is funny and down-to-earth in interviews. I love that she made an album about divorce and has been very open about the impact on her emotionally, but she doesn’t speak ill of her ex. She also protects her son from the media which makes me respect her even more. (Night_cheese17)

#13 Pedro Pascal

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He seems to have such a warm happy charisma. His eyes often seem to have problems hiding his kindness even, then he is supposed to play an unfriendly character. I think he is one of the good ones. (DreamingDragonSoul)

#14 Tom Hiddleston

Source: twhiddleston

Tom Hiddleston, seems like a true gentleman, and he’s so well-spoken. (emarizona)
He just seems soo Goofy and so polished at the same time! (Unusual-Regular3742)

#15 Hugh Jackman

Source: hughjackman_fc_

Never heard a bad thing about him. (SourCornflakes)
I met him a few years back on George strombos show: I was singing during an interview break and he came up to me and complimented me. I was acting like such a nervous goof. He also gave me an on-air shout and I’ll never forget that day!! (itsalrightlite)
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