24 Of The Funniest Parenting Tweets Will Have You Saying 'Same'

Being a parent is one of life's most exciting and challenging stages. Even if it's a highly rewarding endeavor, it's easy to get overwhelmed when you dedicate your formerly careless lifestyle to a tiny human who you must protect and guide into this harsh and cruel world. Your vitality will be regularly depleted by unforeseen situations, restless nights, temper outbursts, and exhaustion.
However, look at the positive side of parenting. It's full of laughter as well. Although kids may say the darndest things, their parents tweet about them in the funniest ways. To spread the joy, we have rounded up the most hilarious tweets from parents on Twitter. They are so amusing that they will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Scroll down below to check them out. If you like these tweets, share them with your spouse and your friends.

#1. This is actually something some people do!

Source: KristenBott

#2. Good. This is a good thing

Source: ElyKreimendahl

#3. It's *you're*

Source: KatieDeal99

#4. Baby transfers are a MYTH!

Source: ej11lizzie

#5. You gave it to the fairies? For their garden.. yes. That’s what happened. Without a doubt

Source: Lottie_Poppie

#6. Well. Maybe they have a point

Source: bessbell

#7. That's irrelevant

Source: MumInBits

#8. Smart girl she's probably right

Source: IDontSpeakWhine

#9. When you get caught in a lie then you gotta double down

Source: kevinthedad

#10. That's soo cute and funny!!!

Source: Dad_At_Law

#11. At least you have fulfilled your life's purpose

Source: oneawkwardmom

#12. The better they eat, the better they sleep

Source: mom_tho

#13. Is she taking new clients?

Source: TheCatWhisprer

#14. You know it's Sad but True!!!!

Source: mom_needsalife

#15. God bless her

Source: MarlaCaceres

#16. ...tomorrow you'll have a hundred

Source: Chhapiness

#17. I’m vested

Source: BunAndLeggings

#18. It's the Wiggles for me

Source: dadmann_walking

#19. This is a pain

Source: HomeWithPeanut

#20. Too funny

Source: SnarkyMommy78

#21. Oh geez

Source: MommyCocktail

#22. Totally relatable!!

Source: jacanamommy

#23. Thank goodness only two colors

Source: mommajessiec

#24. Enjoy your getaway!

Source: mollymcnearney

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