This Subreddit Is Sharing "Mildly Interesting" Stuff, And Here Are Their 20 Best Posts

It's our pleasure to share with you the most hilarious and interesting things that can make you burst out laughing. Today, we will introduce to you an online community of 20.4 million members who dedicate their time to sharing mildly interesting stuff. The group is called the ‘Mildly Interesting’ subreddit. We have to admit that we have been mildly impressed by how friendly and genuinely creative the community is time and time again. The reason is simple. This group's mission is to spread happiness to people around the world.
This online community, which was founded in 2012, has a devoted following on Reddit, which is sort of strange when you consider how little it actually delivers. The items uploaded here are "mildly" intriguing, which strikes the right balance between interesting, which is uncommon, and uninteresting, which is all too prevalent. It's not "super" interesting or even "very" interesting.
We have a round-up of the best recent photos from this subreddit. Happy scrolling!

#1. This corn came with a baby corn attached

Source: boiledpotato25

#2. I accidentally pulled out a cluster of 5 beard hairs all from the same follicle

Source: Cwazy_Wabbit

#3. These purple hot peppers

Source: Arborarcher

#4. Opened up a lighter and there was just another lighter inside

Source: clumsyinsomniac

#5. Took these two photos just one minute apart

Source: Bomurang

#6. Report card from my great-grandfather in 1926

Source: wtfimscreaming

#7. Starting to lose the first joint crease on my ring finger after being splinted for 7 weeks

Source: fender5string

#8. Someone, where I live, doesn’t like the moon

Source: Free_Hat_McCullough

#9. My dentist's waiting room has a picture of the building next door going up in flames 11 years ago

Source: twdvermont

#10. The pop’ems box no longer has a plastic window, so they faked it with a drop shadow

Source: LogicWavelength

#11. My eggplant has a laser marking instead of a physical sticker to show it's organic

Source: Notdazedbutalright

#12. Found a sword on a high shelf in my new house

Source: ace-mathematician

#13. Found a stone with dried seaweed attached to it

Source: CYBERSson

#14. The plane that I flew on did not have any livery (colors, logos, or branding)

Source: lil_literalist

#15. My vaccine card from my time in US Army 2002-2005

Source: SmiteforSmite

#16. Packed my printer on top of this pillow while moving and now it’s imprinted into the fabric

Source: welcometobriarcliff

#17. A kid made this crocodile at the beach

Source: makidafi

#18. My dad’s end-of-life wheelchair is basically just an old-school lawn chair w bolsters so he can get some sun with the least muscle strain possible

Source: MidLifeHalfHouse

#19. A clock that shows the time by using the shadow of the person who stands in the current month

Source: cokiyioldu

#20. Random IP address printed in the middle of a word halfway through this book

Source: barackobamafootcream

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